Learn about the male who appeared in BLACKPINK’s MV, LOREN!

Who is LOREN?: Here’s what you need to know about the hot musician who appeared in BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” MV

BLACKPINK had come back with their first full-length album, “The Album,” and its title track, “Lovesick Girls.” The MV was simultaneously dropped together with it, and apart from the amazing acting of the feminine idols, the male lead of the MV named LOREN seriously captured everyone’s heart!

Prior to the MV release, the recent mysterious guy was introduced through a video teaser and up-to-date behind-the-scenes broadcast, wherein he was featured doing a cuddling scene with the most dancer and maknae Lisa.

The mysterious guy eventually caught the interest of fans and netizens, particularly BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK), and proved their detective-like skills to induce some information about the guy. As soon because the MV was dropped, LOREN trended on various social media platforms together with the BLACKPINK members!

If you haven’t seen him yet, here’s the MV of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”:

Now, surely, you’re undoubtedly feeling jealous about him for being so near Lisa, feel angered for breaking Rosé heart, thankful for letting fans’ see Jennie’s impeccable break-up scene in a very car, or feel your heart racing for seeing how visual-worthy he is—whoever you’re here, we’ve collected the data about, LOREN that you just must know.

LOREN, or also referred to as DJ Boid, Løren, and Cawlr, isn’t unfamiliar to some fans. If you’re a BLINK who’s always catching up with BLACKPINK’s activities, you’ve probably seen him with Rosé for he’s a musician and guitarist, moreover mutually of the producers of The BLACK Label, under YG Entertainment.

Lee Seung Joo, his real name, is additionally a DJ, wherein he uses his pseudonym, DJ Boid, and he’s also known for taking part in not only guitar but moreover because of the drums.

The handsome musician’s visual is indeed idol-worthy, which he once modeled for a streetwear brand. As for the MV, it had been also confirmed that he’s not only the male lead in “Lovesick Girls,” but he also co-writes the lyrics of the track.

Meanwhile, moving on with the facts about him, because of the general public interest given by the fans and supporters of the idol group, several rumors and unconfirmed information about him rises likewise.

According to fans’ and K-netizens’ claims, LOREN may be a 95-liner, who is that the same age as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. He’s alleged friends with the members moreover, for he wasn’t only seen jamming with Rosé, but he visited BLACKPINK’s shooting for “Ice Cream” additionally (he probably worked with them, too).

Moreover, supported his social media posts, he’s also bilingual who can speak both Korean and English fluently.

In addition to the current, a shocking rumor is circulating online saying that LOREN could actually be one in all NAVER founder’s sons! Although it’s never been confirmed, the interest of K-pop enthusiasts in him and his music is skyrocketing.

As of now, these are the sole things that we all know about LOREN, and stay updated for more details!

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