LE SSERAFIM’s attractions with their fashion and beauty in their debut!

6 fashion and beauty attractions from LE SSERAFIM’s debut that kicked off their road to stardom. Learn more about the details below!

LE SSERAFIM’s highly-anticipated debut track “FEARLESS” dropped on May 2, and it’s as amazing obviously. All six members stepped go in some seriously chic looks, matching up perfectly with the laid-back track and cool-girl choreography. Here are just some of the style and sweetness highlights – there are plenty to travel around!

1. Kim Chaewon’s braided bob

kim chae won

Former IZ*ONE member and LE SSERAFIM leader Kim Chaewon stepped call at a classy black bob featuring tiny braids tucked behind her ears. Tying the front section of the hair back brings attention to her features and keeps it out of her face. This style is super easy to recreate at home!

2. Sakura’s bold accessories


Another former IZ*ONE member, Sakura really stunned fans together with her beauty within the “FEARLESS” music video. One of all her best looks was definitely this straightforward LBD, accessorized with an over-the-top crystal heart choker. It brings what otherwise might need been a comprehensible outfit to the following level!

3. Huh Yunjin’s caramel blonde hair


Huh Yunjin was a contestant on “Produce 48,” and fans were thrilled to finally see her debut in LE SSERAFIM. Her hair color in the music video is the perfect mixture of blonde, brown, and red, creating a warm caramel blonde that’s super summer appropriate. Time to call the salon!

4. Kazuha’s punk-inspired dress


A professional ballerina, Kazuha’s debut as an element of LE SSERAFIM is an exciting opportunity to determine some cool choreography in the future. Her punk-inspired dress with a floaty black skirt and the edgy leather jacket looks like a nod to her ballet background, and it’s a good combination of feminine and masculine styles.

5. Kim Garam’s tiny tiara

kim garam

Kim Garam’s appearance in ENHYPEN‘s “Drunk-Dazed” music video got fans excited for her debut, and she adds “FEARLESS” didn’t disappoint. There’s a time and an area for a tiara, but this one seems so understated that it could work with a range of designs to elevate a glance. Plus, Kim Garam just looks so lovely wearing it!

6. Hong Eunchae’s cool-toned lip


Hong Eunchae is also LE SSERAFIM’s youngest member, but she proved in “FEARLESS” that she’s equally as glamorous and complex because of the other members. In one of the simplest beauty moments of the music video, Hong Eunchae rocks a blurred, cool-toned lip color. It may be a tough color to tug off, but she makes it look so chic!

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