Is Ku Hye-sun a natural beauty? (part 1)

Did Ku Hye-sun undergo plastic surgery? Here are the facts and a before and after photo comparison!

An actress with a lot of talent

Ku Hye-sun isn’t just an incredible actress, she’s also a talented singer, songwriter, artist, and even a director! within the past, she was known by people on the web as an ulzzang. She was accustomed be a trainee of SM Entertainment, then she switched to DSP Media and was preparing for her debut within the girl group, Ria. Sadly, it didn’t go well, so she decided to sign a contract with YG Entertainment. Hye-sun was slated to debut in an exceedingly 3-member girl-group including 2ne1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom, but the CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, suggested that she pursue acting, instead of music.

After acting in several dramas, in 2006 her career really began to start, due to her role as Geum Jan Di, within the popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. In 2015, she was cast in Blood, and also the drama reached high ratings overseas but didn’t do moreover in Korea. Korean audiences even bashed her for bad acting.

On 11 March 2016, Hye-sun confirmed to the general public that she was dating her co-star in Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun, since April. 2015. They were married just over two months later, on 21 May 2016. Instead, of holding a marriage party, the couple donated the cash they’d have accustomed the pediatric ward of Severance Hospital.

Did Ku Hye-sun undergo plastic surgery?

Many people in Korea want their appearance to appear perfect, especially the ladies. They often do beauty treatments like weight maintenance, skin protection, and even reconstructive surgery.

Hye Sun is understood for her beautiful face structure, especially by Korean fans, but a number of them say that her beauty was made with the doctor’s help. thanks to that, rumors began to circulate that she had undergone cosmetic surgery in certain areas.

Let’s try the photos below, and see what we expect.

Ku Hye Sun Eyelid Surgery

Because of her baby-faced look, many folks in Korea suspect that Hye Sun had undergone cosmetic surgery for her eyelids, which usually makes the eyes look bigger. The procedure is completed by removing excess skin on her upper and lower eyelids.

However, watching her past and current pictures, the form of her eyes didn’t change the least bit, there’s no difference in Hye Sun’s eye size and shape. the sole difference was from the color and thickness of her eyeliner. Her effective use of makeup has led to several people believe that Hye Sun had eyelid surgery.

Another reason to believe that she didn’t do the attention lid surgery is that the presence of the eye bags in her recent picture. If Hye-sun underwent eyelid surgery she would even have thought to get rid of the attention bags, as well. Her form of eye bags is pretty heavy and massive. so it’s hard to imagine she did an eyelid surgery without removing her iconic eye bags.

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