KQ Entertainment officially launches its company store for label artists

KQ Entertainment officially launches its company store for their label artists including ATEEZ, BLOCK B, MADDOX, AND EDEN.

The rising company, KQ Entertainment, launched its official MD online store called “KQ Shop”. the website will provide fans with the power to get official merchandise of their favorite KQ Entertainment artists. The website is offered in Korean in addition to English for global customers.

Regarding the discharge, a KQ Entertainment official stated, “We opened an officer MD mall to higher understand the wants of our fans who support our artists and can provide services accordingly. we are going to show immediate feedback further as various products and payment systems tailored to the dimensions and depth of our global fandom.”

The KQ Shop provides a spread of artist products, including a “Honey Bee Badge” of Block B’s Taeil, Jaehyo, and P.O, an ATEEZ bracelet, and a lightstick keyring, among many others.

Furthermore, fans can enjoy events commemorating the shop’s grand opening. the corporate will offer those that create a customer account on the website a 5% discount coupon. Additionally, the corporate will select random buyers who leave reviews of their purchases on the website to win artist polaroid photos through a lottery.

Meanwhile, KQ Entertainment’s latest boy group, ATEEZ made their comeback on March 1. The group released their sixth mini-album, ZERO: FEVER Part.2, beating personal sales records. ATEEZ will promote their title track “Fireworks (I’m The One)” on various music broadcasts.

Fans can purchase official MD for their favorite KQ Entertainment artists on the shop’s website.

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