Let’s check the list male idols who tried the mullet hairstyle!

K-Pop idols have tried lots of hairstyles and one in every of these is that the mullet! Check the list with us right now!

It is definitely demanding to appear gorgeous with this hairstyle but these idols managed to seem handsome and funky with it. If you’ve got missed part one, ensure to test it below.

Here are 13 more male K-Pop idols who attained the mullet hairstyle. this can be not a ranking.

1- Stray Kids’s Felix

2- SuperM’s Mark

3- ATEEZ’s HongJoong

4- EXO’ s BaekHyun

5- NCT’s RenJun

6- NCT’s HaeChan

7- SF9’s YoungBin

8- Moon JongUp


10- SUPER JUNIOR’s EunHyuk

11- BTOB’s IlHoon

12- VICTON’s HanSe

13- THE BOYZ’s New

14- ATEEZ’s Yeo Sang

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