Netizens criticize "Vincenzo" after seeing a Chinese bibimbap product placement

Recently, Korean netizens have criticized the popular tvN drama "Vincenzo" after finding a Chinese product placement in the latest episode.

On Episode 8 of the popular series that aired this past Sunday, March 14th, Hong Cha Young (played by actress Jeon Yeo Bin) is seen offering a packaged Bibimbap to Vincenzo (played by Song Joong Ki). The drama was heavily criticized as the Bibimbap was actually a Chinese product.

Netizens criticize "Vincenzo" Netizens criticize "Vincenzo"

The Bibimbap package showed the Chinese company name and the phrase indicating the flavor of the Bibimbap. As soon as the episode aired, many Korean netizens expressed their anger and disappointment by commenting, "Why are they showing Chinese products now?" "I used to like this drama, but now I'm starting not to like it at all," and "How can the production company accept a Chinese Bibimbap product when Bibimbap is Korean? Are they crazy?"

Netizens criticize "Vincenzo"

Other Korean netizens were worried that Chinese netizens will start to claim that Bibimbap is Chinese. Chinese netizens previously have begun a feud claiming that Hanbok and Kimchi were Chinese. With the product placement advertisement of a Bibimbap product from a Chinese company, Korean netizens are wary that Chinese netizens will begin another feud claiming another Korean dish is theirs.

Korean netizens have commented, "Now, are they going to start claiming Bibimbap is theirs? I'm so baffled while watching the drama," "That's a Korean dish made by a Chinese company, there's so much commotion over the Kimchi, are they going to say the Bibimbap is Chinese now?"

Netizens criticize "Vincenzo"

It has been revealed that this product in question was created in collaboration between a famous Korean food company with a Chinese company. Chungjungone, the famous company that makes the Korean pepper paste and other food products, partnered with the Chinese company to launch this Bibimbap product. The Korean company's logo is included on the package, but still, Korean netizens are worried about what Chinese netizens will claim in the future.

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