Korean dramas have “elephant head and mouse tail” endings, which made viewers angry!

Can’t stand this Korean series of “elephant head and mouse tail”: A-sized blockbuster Business Proposal is no exception

1. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is the “classic” case of the “elephant head and mouse tail” of the Korean screen. The first episodes of the series caused a fever in Asia because the content was so excellent, but later on, especially from episode 10 onwards, the quality of the film decreased to the point that the audience wondered if there was a change in the scriptwriter.

itaewon class
“Itaewon Class”‘s Poster

2. A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal is the most popular Korean blockbuster in early 2022, but it has caused a lot of controversy about its quality when many people think that the screenplay is old and boring. There are also controversial opinions that the end of the film is too hasty, true to the “rat tail”, even the last episode is considered to spoil a whole work.

a business proposal
“A Business Proposal”‘s Poster

3. Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain, perhaps besides giving Son Ye Jin a close brother in the profession, Son Ye Jin, there is nothing memorable about her career. The film’s content is considered to be nothing special, mainly attracted by the chemistry of the main couple, so it becomes more and more exhausted later on. And the result is that no matter how passionately Son Ye Jin and junior Jung Hae In are “in love”, they cannot keep the audience.

something in the rain
“Something In The Rain”‘s Poster

4. Now, We Are Breaking Up

Calling Now, We Are Breaking Up an “elephant head and rat tail” is probably not correct when its original quality is not worthy of the word “elephant head”. However, it still has to be confirmed that the first half of the film is much more stable, especially when the main couple is not officially in love. When the affection between the two deepens, the audience feels that the film is bland, the content is rambling, and the end of the film is like the answer.

now we are breaking up
“Now, We Are Breaking Up”‘s Poster

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