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Drama “Cheat on Me If You Can” released a new teaser and posters

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Cheat on Me If You Can” released a new teaser and posters. That made viewers feel excited!

Cheat On Me If You Can – The comedy-mystery thriller is about adults who get up to all sorts of bad behavior. Jo Yeo Jeong will star as murder mystery novelist Kang Yeo Joo who spends all day thinking up different ways to kill people, while Go Joon will play her husband Han Woo Sung, a divorce lawyer who has made a promise in writing with his wife that states, “If you cheat, you die”. KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Cheat on Me If You Can” released a new teaser and posters about all characters.

Jo Yeo Jeong cooks up different ways to punish her unfaithful husband Go Joon in “Cheat On Me If You Can” teaser

The trailer starts off with Kang Yeo Joo narrating, “She found out that her husband had an affair and decided to become a widow rather than get a divorce.”

new teaser and posters

Then her mind drifts into her imaginary world where she catches Han Woo Sung cheating on her. She raises a knife to stab him, but before anything could happen, she presses the backspace button and says, “Wait. This isn’t it”. Then she brainstorms different weapons she can use to get her revenge, such as a wrench, plastic hammer, and gun.

Towards the end, Kang Yeo Joo approaches her husband with a rather large pair of scissors, and he looks horrified as he attempts to stop her. The other woman flees the scene as Han Woo Sung suffers unimaginable pain. Kang Yeo Joo smirks in satisfaction, and her voiceover says, “Don’t worry. I’ll fix it for you.”

Watch the full teaser below!

“Cheat on Me if You Can”  premieres on December 2.

Kim Young Dae and Yeonwoo shine in colorful character posters for “Cheat On Me If You Can” 

In the drama, Kim Young Dae will take the role of Cha Soo Ho, a handsome part-time worker at a convenience store who tries to protect Kang Yeo Joo after the two wind up crossing paths. Yeonwoo will portray Go Mi Rae, a beautiful art college student with refreshing charms.

Previously, the drama unveiled the character posters of Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon. Contrary to their bold and dark posters, Kim Young Dae and Yeonwoo’s posters are bright and vivid.

First off, Kim Young Dae poses as Cha Soo Ho against a turquoise backdrop. He is wearing a similar colored shirt that makes him blend into the background. His mouth is tightly sealed, and he holds a finger to his lips with a mysterious look in his eyes.

new teaser and posters

On the other hand, Yeonwoo emphasizes the charms of her character Go Mi Rae by wearing a bright pink beret that fuses with the bright pink background. Her white button-up blouse further illuminates the poster, and she glances coyly to the right with a finger pressed against her lips.

new teaser and posters

The production team shared, “Cha Soo Ho and Go Mi Rae are characters who will bring both liveliness and tension to the story. These posters hint that there is more to the characters than meets the eye. Please look forward to the fantastic performance of Jo Yeo Jeong, Go Joon, Kim Young Dae, and Yeonwoo as they portray unique characters who will bring a thrill to the small screen.”

“Cheat on Me If You Can” will premiere on December 2 at 9:30 p.m. KST. 

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