Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery?

Cover - Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery?

Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery? Are you expected to know that? Let’s compare before and after surgery! 

Handsome Actor Kim Woo-bin

Old photos of South Korean actor Kim Woo-bin were found online and have become a hot topic online. His looks in his past pictures are different from this Kim Woo-bin. His changing appearance is maybe what makes the general public believe that he enhanced his leaf through cosmetic surgery. So, what procedures did he get?

Kim Woo-bin’s nose job

Pic 1 - Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery?

From the comparison between Kim Woo-bin’s old photo and a current photo, his nose’s shape looks quite different. within the past photo, his nose was wider and rather rounded at the tip, but now his nose seems to possess changed, to be sharper and slimmer at its bridge.

However, most of his fans didn’t consider the speculation. Some said that Kim Woo-bin just lost weight from his face because his face within the older photo looks wider, making it appear that he had a rhytidectomy. Others said that the photos were taken when he was young, and as he matured, his nose changed. Some also said that it had been a makeup trick, created by contouring. As an actor and model, Kim Woo-bin might feel pressure to seem a specific way and he used makeup to realize that look.

Despite all the arguments, a nose procedure remains the sole logical explanation to the transformation in Kim Woo-bin’s face. The procedure is usually allotted to reshape and resize the nose, both changes of which might be spotted on his nose.

Kim Woo-bin’s Jaw Surgery

Pic 2 - Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery?In addition to his nose, Kim Woo-bin’s jaw also looked different than in his past photos. His mandibula wont to be longer than his maxilla, and you’ll notice the difference at first glance. These proportions are considered unattractive by the general public, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Kim Woo-bin had his jaw fixed. After fixing his jaw, the Kim Woo-bin of the current includes a well-proportioned jaw, with a beautiful square shape and masculine appearance.

Kim Woo Bin’s Eyes

Pic 3 - Did Kim Woo Bin undergo plastic surgery?

Kim Woo Bin is one among the few South Korean celebrities who haven’t had double eyelid surgery. His eyes have a singular feature, which is that one in every of his eyelid is droopier than the opposite. However, his single eyelid makes him look very South Korean and natural. this can be a quite rare case, considering that just about every other celebrity have double eyelids.

Kim Woo Bin’s fans had mixed reactions to the perceived changes to his previous and current appearances. Some thought that he was unattractive during his high school years, et al thought that their favorite actor was naturally handsome.

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