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Kim So Eun And Park Gun Il Show A Heart-fluttering Moment In “Lonely Enough To Love”

In The Latest Developments, Kim So Eun And Park Gun Il Show A Heart-fluttering Moment In Lonely Enough To Love

Kim So Eun and Park Gun Il share a sweet momen in the new episode of MBC’s Lonely Enough to Love. The viewers start to Question their longtime friendship.

Lonely Enough to Love is an upcoming romance drama about housemates in their 20s and 30s who don’t want anything serious. They want to enjoy their freedom but also don’t want to be lonely. The drama is a wonderful and lovely combination of Ji Hyun Woo And Kim So Eun. Ji Hyun Woo portrayed Cha Kang Woo, a handsome psychiatrist with a peculiar personality. Meanwhile, Kim So Eun will be taking on the role of Lee Na Eun, a freelance copy editor who dreams of becoming a novelist. Park Gun Il co-stars as Kang Hyun Jin, Lee Na Eun’s close friend.


In the new stills from the upcoming episode, Lonely Enough to Love previews a private moment between Lee Na Eun and Kang Hyun Jin. Kang Hyun Jin, who is proud of his ability to upkeep his physical appearance, appears to be making her do sit-ups. While Lee Na Eun looks annoyed, Kang Hyun Jin has a soft smile on his face.

However, Kang Hyun Jin’s expression changes when Lee Na Eun sits up close to his face, his eyes full of bewilderment. The final still shows Lee Na Eun alone and confused as she sits in the spot where Kang Hyun Jin left her.
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Lee Na Eun and Kang Hyun Jin were close friends who didn’t pay any notice to gender. However, something small will lead to a change in their feelings towards each other. Kim So Eun and Park Gun Il will express these small changes in a cute and exciting way. Please look forward to it, the production team shared.

The next episode of Lonely Enough to Love airs on August 25 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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