Kim Seon Ho was removed from 2 upcoming dramas!

Cover - Kim Seon Ho was removed from 2 upcoming dramas!

Kim Seon Ho was removed from 2 upcoming dramas! Are you shocked by this? Xenews will show you everything about this in this article!

Kim Seon Ho will now not appear in two of the films he was scheduled to act in.

Kim Seon Ho had been in talks to form his big-screen debut through director Park Hoon Jung’s “Sad Tropics” (literal title) then star in director Kim Deok Min’s omnibus film “Dog Days” (literal title). He was also confirmed for the leading role in director Lee Sang Geun’s romantic comedy film “2 O’Clock Date” (literal title) together with Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA. Go Ara is in talks for a task in “Sad Tropics.”

Kim Seon Ho recently came under attack for his alleged behavior towards his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of forcing her to own abortion on the false promise of marriage. Kim Seon Ho released an apology and was announced to be withdrawing from KBS2’s variety “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” which he had been starring in as a hard and fast cast member.

On October 20, a source from “2 O’Clock Date” production company Filmmaker R&K stated to MyDaily, “We have decided to exchange the male lead of ‘2 O’Clock Date.’”

Production company JK Film of “Dog Days” also shared, “It’s a touch burdensome to stay going [with Kim Seon Ho] because it’s the role of a romantic couple. we’ve got spoken with the agency, decided to interchange him, and are taking the required steps.”

Only “Sad Tropics,” which had been scheduled to start filming in mid-November, has not reached a call. A source from the film said, “Nothing has been decided thus far regarding actor Kim Seon Ho. We are discussing the matter.”

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