Kim Seon Ho makes to dazzle his fans when he is singing

kim seon ho singing

Kim Seon Ho can sing to his repertoire of talents together with his sweet and warm vocal tones. Check it out!

Kim Seon Ho sings of his “Reason” in MV for single with self-penned lyrics

Updated May 6, 2021, KST:

Kim Seon Ho has released his first-ever single!

On May 6 at 6 p.m. KST, the music video was released for Epitone Project’s “Reason” sung by Epitone Project. Kim Seon Ho co-wrote the lyrics with Epitone Project and expresses that his fans are his “reason.”

Check out the music video below:

Updated May 3 KST:

A teaser video has been released for Kim Seon Ho’s “Reason” produced by Epitone Project!

Check it out below:

Original Article on April 30, 2021:

Actor Kim Seon Ho has announced his plans to release a replacement song and music video!

On April 30, SALT Entertainment officially announced, “Kim Seon Ho and Epitone Project are going to be releasing the collaboration single ‘Reason’ on May 6 at 6 p.m. KST.”

“Reason,” which was composed and produced by Epitone Project, is described as a soft pop song with an acoustic sound. Not only will the one put Kim Seon Ho’s vocal talents on display, but it’ll also feature lyrics that were personally penned by the actor.

SALT Entertainment stated, “After Kim Seon Ho appeared in Epitone Project’s music video for ‘Sleepless‘ last year, they ended up working together on this new song. As a present for the fans who are always cheering him on, he has prepared a song that may be a component of fans’ everyday lives. Because it’s a present that actor Kim Seon Ho prepared together with his heart, we hope that you simply are happy to receive it.”

The agency also released Kim Seon Ho’s first teaser image for his upcoming music video for the song.

kim seon ho singing

Kim Seon Ho and Epitone Project’s collaboration single “Reason”—as well because the music video for the song—will be released online on May 6 at 6 p.m. KST.

Kim Seon Ho singing on social media will instantly make your day better

In an Instagram update by VIXX member Ravi, our current favorite second lead is seen singing at the highest of his lungs, complete with him using his phone as a microphone! Seon Ho did a ~mini~ cover of the K-pop idol’s latest track, “Leaf.” ICYDK, Seon Ho could be a recognized theater actor—which explains why his voice is so soulful! Is it just us otherwise you also can’t stop replaying the clip???

Ravi and Seon Ho are both a part of the Korean variety, 2 Days & 1 Night. In his Instagram account, the Start-Up actor recently uploaded a bunch photo of him with Ravi and therefore the remainder of the show’s cast members.

Seon Ho and Ravi’s bromance doesn’t stop there! South Korean rapper DinDin, who is additionally part of two Days & 1 Night, once invited the 2 to his radio show—with Seon Ho promoting one amongst Ravi’s singles. We love this friendship!

While we’re here, we’ve also unearthed more videos of Kim Seon Ho singing! Here’s our bb showing his ~other side~ in head-to-toe blue:

Not a singing Seon Ho but here he’s transforming into a K-pop idol! observe this cutie dancing to Jessi’s “NUNUNANA” for a challenge:

We KNOW you’ll find yourself smiling after watching this Welcome To Waikiki 2 clip!

Kim Seon Ho And Yoona Performed “Perhaps Love” (from “Princess Hours”) At The MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2020

“Start-up” actor Kim Seon Ho and SNSD’s Im Yoona performed a duet at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon tonight, New Year’s Eve. the 2 sang the theme song of “Princess Hours” (also called “Goong”) titled “Perhaps Love”, a romantic song that’s considered an OST classic. the initial theme was released as a part of the soundtrack for the Korean drama. Educating the princess in 2006.

Internet users of the portal TheQoo were excited about the collaboration and highlighted ‘the visuals’ of both artists.

“They look great together”, “They seem related, I’d never have imagined it, but it’s true”, “Who thought of this collaboration? it absolutely was so great! ”,“ they’re both so beautiful ”, are some comments from the forum.

kim seon ho singing

Watch their performance below:

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