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Kim Sae Ron’s agency confirms about her part-time work!

Kim Sae Ron’s agency confirms that the actress works part-time jobs. Check out the details right now below to know more!

Kim Sae Ron’s agency has issued a statement in response to the rumors regarding Kim Sae Ron’s part-time work

On November 3, a YouTube user posted a video discussing allegations that the actress held a part-time position at a café, but that none of her friends knew the location or type of cafe she was employed at. The YouTuber said he didn’t believe that to be the case. She may have been working part-time to pay for the large compensation, settlement, and advertising fines that she was required to pay. A representative of Kim Sae Ron’s agency GOLDMEDALIST revealed the next day, on November 4, that “Kim Sae Ron did spend some time working part-time at a cafe due to her financial difficulties.”

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Kim Sae Ron was arrested for drunk driving on May 18 of this year, and her agency issued a brief statement in response. Kim Sae Ron apologized the next day via her agency and submitted a handwritten apology to her Instagram. Kim Sae Ron further disclosed that she would personally be liable for the harm the accident created. Kim Sae Ron has reportedly visited the businesses impacted by her accident to offer them financial restitution and has ceased all of her activities since the tragedy.

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