Find out why Super Junior’s Sungmin’s wife gets so much hatred

kim sa-eun lee sungmin

Do you know why people hate Super Junior’s Sungmin’s wife, Kim Sa-eun? Check it right now below!

In 2014, Kim Sa-eun became the lucky woman who married one of all the most important idols in K-pop, Lee Sung-min, referred to like Super Junior’s Sungmin. although it’s been several years since they married, people have still found ways to send a bit of hate towards Kim Sa-eun Lee Sungmin. Through this text, Xenews will provide you with all the data and reasons why Kim Sa-eun has her haters, so stay tuned!

Kim Sa-eun’s Full Profile

First of all, let’s get to grasp more about Kim Sa-eun through her profile!

Birth Name: Kim Sang-mi

Stage Name: Kim Sa-eun

Date of Birth: April 8, 1985, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Age: 35 years old (International age) / 36 years old (Korean age)

Occupation: Model, Musical Actress

Here are a number of interesting facts about Kim Sa-eun:

  • For her educational period, she visited Kyung Bok school, then Sunhwa Art lycee School and Gymnasium School afterward
  • Kim Sa-eun and Park Han-byul want to be classmates during school
  • While she was in university, she majored in Classical Voice & Music
  • Kim Sa-eun used to say her ideal type was a man who cared for be obsessive
  • In 2008, Kim Sa-eun debuted in Banana Girl as their 4th generation and promoted the one Crazy Crazy Crazy
  • Kim Sa-eun has appeared in some music videos, like Park Jung-hyun’s Winter Kiss and H-Eugene’s Party Animal
  • She wont to be the model for Asiana Airlines, which made her really popular, since being an Asiana Airlines model may be a great gig for models
  • She met Super Junior’s Sungmin when both of them were involved within the musical theatre project, The Three Musketeers

Kim Sa-eun’s marriage with Super Junior’s Sungmin

kim sa-eun lee sungmin

The relationship between Kim sa-eun Lee Sungmin was revealed in September 2014, although actually Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin had been in a relationship for a protracted time. Eventually, they tied the knot on December 13, 2014.

The wedding ceremony was held privately and was only attended by family, relatives, and shut friends. The ceremony happened in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, in an area called The Raum. Besides the members of Super Junior, other celebrities attending the ceremony, like BoA, Red Velvet, Kanta, f(x)’s Amber and Victoria, Kim Kwang-kyu, SISTAR’s Bora, and plenty of more.

kim sa-eun lee sungmin

kim sa-eun lee sungmin kim sa-eun lee sungmin
kim sa-eun lee sungmin

At the time, there have been plenty of ELFs who congratulated Sungmin on his wedding. Some even made #HappyWeddingSungmin a worldwide trending topic on Twitter! it absolutely was reported that Kim Sa-eun Lee Sungmin visited the Maldives for his or their honeymoon right after their marriage.

However, there have also been some ELFs who wasn’t really happy about Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin’s wedding. it absolutely was reported that one amongst the explanations was that when Sungmin asked Leeteuk’s approval for his wedding, it was the precise time when Leeteuk’s family has given up the ghost, and he was having a tough time. Actually, their wedding wasn’t speculated to be held in December because it would be ‘collide’ with Super Junior’s schedule at that point.

Fans Became Angry due to Kim Sa-eun’s Activities On Instagram

Even though the connection between Kim Sa-eun Lee Sungmin gave the impression of a happily-ever-after story, there have been some people that were against them. It happened when Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram posts got lots of reactions from lots of individuals, especially malicious reactions.

Some ELFs discovered that Kim Sa-eun hit the ‘like’ button on Instagram for several pictures. What made them so mad? it had been because the images she ‘liked’ made it seem that she didn’t support ELFs. One picture she liked was an image of a world ELF who slapped a Korean ELF. Not only that, but Kim Sa-eun also liked several pictures which supported Sungmin staying in Super Junior, as well.

Kim Sa-eun didn’t use her personal account, she did those activities through an account with the name ‘4ilver_32. Previously, some ELFs were already demanding Sungmin leave Super Junior because they thought that he already made ELFs really sad since his relationship with Kim Sa-eun, and he may need a negative impact on the group’s reputation in the future.

ELFs got really mad at Kim Sa-eun thanks to her behavior. a number of them thought that Kim Sa-eun was against them and attacking ELFs, as well. due to that, ELFs also were also threatening to boycott Sungmin if he was a part of the comeback Super Junior was promoting at the time.

Meanwhile, in keeping with Koreaboo, there was proof that Kim Sa-eun didn’t hit the likes of buttons for those pictures. The one who originally posted those pictures confirmed that Kim Sa-eun didn’t just like the pictures in any respect, and it would be done using photoshop or they were edited by someone, per a post that was on Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram activity.

Kim Sa-eun and Lee Sungmin having an outdoor date at the park

There was also a time when Kim Sa-eun Lee Sungmin were spotted on a date together. At that point, they were having an easy date at a park. the images of Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin at the park also got posted through Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram account, as well.

In reality, Sungmin was completing his military service at the time, but it sounded like he have to be compelled to leave for a long time and spend that precious time together with his wife. Both of them were also spotted walking around happily around the Han River. If we take a glance at the images of Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin, we are able to see that they spent plenty of happy time together on their simple date, rather like a daily couple.

Kim Sa-eun posted several pictures, starting together with her portrait, wearing an informal outfit with 1/2 Sungmin’s body by her side. there have been also a bunch of adorable images of them in certain poses!

Exactly, needless to say, there have been several reactions from ELFs about those pictures. there have been some ELFs who loved their togetherness, but there have been also those who didn’t like their happy time, as well. Kim Sa-eun realized it, and just several hours after she posted her pictures with Sungmin, she also posted a screenshot of her name becoming the primary place on a specific portal list because the most-searched item, as well!

Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram got hacked

Some people still dislike Kim Sa-eun. That was clear when Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram was hacked. Kim Sa-eun finally skilled the hack in an Instagram post. She posted a black and white picture with a message of apology because of the caption.

She told those that she had been hacked and begged the hacker to prevent invading her account. She wrote that it had been already the third time that her account had been hacked.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of individuals who didn’t have any sympathy for Kim Sa-eun’s apology post. People were suggesting she should just delete her account if she didn’t want hackers to bother her. Not only that, but they also left some malicious comments through that post, such as, “I’d rather leave social media if I were you. You’ve been hacked 3 times and you continue to want to use social media? It appeared like she might get addicted to it.”

Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin’s holiday in Japan

Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin time gained lots of attention for his or her life. This time, it had been caused by their holiday vacation after they visited Japan.

Their togetherness was revealed through both of Sungmin and Kim Sa-eun’s Instagram posts. It started with Sungmin, who uploaded an image of himself ahead of a wall with ‘Gelato Pique’ written on that.

Then he was followed by Kim Sa-eun, who posted an image of herself ahead of a wall with ‘Gelato Pique’ written thereon, although it absolutely was a unique wall than the one from Sungmin’s picture previously.

Again, people had several reactions towards Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin. while people loved their interaction together, there have been still some fans who were scoffing at them. The fans who support the couple thought that Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin seemed like they were having a good time on their vacation. Meanwhile, the haters thought that the couple was making it hard to love them.

Kim Sa-eun wearing a hijab in Sungmin’s YouTube video

kim sa-eun lee sungmin

Well, people often find something ‘interesting’ about Kim Sa-eun’s behavior. shortly ago, Kim Sa-eun was within the spotlight and other people were talking about her fairly often thanks to something she did on Sungmin’s YouTube video.

Since Sungmin is specializing in his solo career and commenced a YouTube channel called LIUstudio. Kim Sa-eun has appeared in his videos several times. Not only on YouTube but Kim Sa-eun wont to appear in her husband’s Instagram live events, as well.

In one every one of his videos, there’s a scene where Sungmin was greeting his fans together with Kim Sa-eun. once they were facing a follower who came up from South Korea, Kim Sa-eun was greeting the fan, then used a cloth she styled sort of a hijab or veil of the sort that is commonly employed by Arab and Muslim women.

Sungmin helped her conceal all of her hair, although the ultimate result didn’t look exactly sort of a hijab. Those actions received lots of attention, especially from the fans who wore hijabs daily. except for those who support their relationship, they thought that Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin were adorable while they were together.

That was all of the knowledge regarding Kim Sa-eun! we will see that there are several reasons why people continue hating Kim Sa-eun, but actually, we even have to understand the ‘limit’, despite all of everything she has done. She was the girl who made Sungmin happy, after all. Let’s always support Kim Sa-eun and Sungmin, and respect their decisions, as well.

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