KBS has shared an action-packed teaser feature Kim Myung-soo for their upcoming drama “Secret Royal Inspector”!

“Secret Royal Inspector” is a comic mystery drama about a secret royal inspector who goes undercover in the provinces to bring justice, uncover corruption, and solve the people’s problems. A secret royal inspector was a real government position in the Joseon dynasty, specially appointed by the king. [caption id="attachment_8126" align="aligncenter" width="399"]Kim Myung-soo Kim Myung-soo[/caption]    The new teaser stars Kim Myung Soo as Sung Yi Kyum, a public official at the Hongmungwan (Office of Special Advisors) who becomes appointed to the position of secret royal inspector. He used to spend his night gambling and visiting the gisaeng (courtesan trained in music and the arts) house, but after being given a new responsibility, he changes for the better in order to expose corrupt government officials. Read more: “Secret Royal Inspector” has released new stills of Kim Myung Soo! The clip shows a glimpse of Sung Yi Kyum’s daily life as a secret royal inspector. The caption describes Joseon to be an era of chaos, but with the entrance of Sung Yi Kyum, the caption declares the turbulent times are over. Kim Myung-soo Sung Yi Kyum battles against various enemies, and he gives hope to the people as he appears in town with Hong Da In (Kwon Nara), a damo (a woman who works for a Joseon government office) who is in disguise as a gisaeng, and Park Choon Sam (Lee Yi Kyung), who has been serving Sung Yi Kyum since a young age. Read more: Upcoming Historical Drama “Secret Royal Inspector” Reveal New Stills Of Kim Myung Soo And Kwon Nara Towards the end of the video, Sung Yi Kyum holds out his badge with a confident smile and announces in a solemn voice, “The secret royal inspector has arrived.” Check out the teaser below!