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Kim Hee Sun Shares About Her New Roles In Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama “Alice”

Update: Kim Hee Sun Shares About Her New Roles In Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama “Alice”. She Will Talk About Her Two Roles With Different Personallities.

“Alice” is about Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won), an emotionless detective who learns about the existence of time travelers and comes from the future through a device called “Alice”. In the course of his investigations into “Alice”, he has a fateful reunion with a woman who died a long time ago named Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun).

Kim Hee Sun plays two characters who look alike but are vastly different, from her twenties through her forties due to the concept of time travel. One of her characters is Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor with a prickly personality. Her other character is Park Sun Young, who is Park Jin Gyeom’s mother.

When asked about her roles, she shared, “In ‘Alice’, I had to portray a college student in her 20s as well as a mother in her 40s . It’s the first time I had to pull off a wide range of ages, so it’s true that it was a bit of a burden for me”.

Then she added, “However, I was attracted by the fact that I could portray Yoon Tae Yi and Park Sun Young who have the same appearance but very different personalities. I wanted to challenge myself because I thought I could show various sides of myself in one work. As such opportunities are rare for an actor, I did my best, and I have no regrets. I hope it will be a great opportunity to show viewers a new side of me”.

The actress also talked about the interesting of her characters. She said, “Park Sun Young is a mother who is willing to do anything for her son. I was deeply impressed by how she gave up everything and sacrificed herself for her son. On the other hand, Yoon Tae Yi is an eccentric genius physicist who is curious but also soft-hearted. The two characters seem to be different from each other, but there is actually one thing they have in common. You’ll have to watch the drama until the end to find that out. Learning the similarities and differences of the two characters is one of the key point of ‘Alice'”.

Final, she confessed, “While playing dual roles, I was worried that the two characters might seem similar. I was concerned that people would see Park Sun Young when I was acting as Yoon Tae Yi and vice versa. So I paid special attention to making their tones and facial expressions different. I hope you will be able to see each of their individual charms”.

“Alice” will premiere on August 28 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki with English subtitles.

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