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Kim Hee Sun Shared “Alice” Is Completely Different Her Previous Dramas

Recently, Kim Hee Sun Shared Alice Is Completely Different Her Previous Dramas. She Talked About What Drama Fans Can Look Forward To In “Alice”!

In a recent interview, Kim Hee Sun describes what makes Alice different from her previous dramas.

Alice is a sci-fi thriller about a detective who discovers the existence of time travel (Joo Won) and crosses paths with a scientist who resembles his dead mother (Kim Hee Sun). Together, they race to solve a special secret that involves time travel and fate.

In the drama, Kim Hee Sun will be making a dynamic return to the small screen as an intelligent scientist. One of her characters is Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor with a prickly personality. Her other character is Park Sun Young, who is Park Jin Gyeom’s mother.

When asked to name the most memorable scene while filming Alice“, Kim Hee Sun commented, The action scenes are the most memorable. I think that although I’ve probably held a knife while playing a role, this is my first time holding a gun. I practiced action scenes with the martial arts team, and it was a really new experience for me“.

She shared that a scene involving her bending backwards to avoid an attack was more difficult than she’d expected. If I get the chance again, I’d like to try an action project“, she said.

Everything was exciting about it starting from the synopsis“, she added. I read the script really closely while analyzing it, because it was my first time doing this genre. I watched many movies and looked for a lot of other related things too. I think the drama will be really fun for viewers as they get sucked in and try to figure everything out, going What’s this? So who is that person really?‘”

I think it’s also special in its movie-like scale“, said Kim Hee Sun about Alice and promising there will be lots to see and enjoy.
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Kim Hee Sun described the time travel aspect as the main thing viewers should watch for. There are a lot of different time periods in the show, from 1990 to 2050, so we can see the future we imagine and how things looked in the past“.

I think it will be particularly fun for viewers to see how Tae Yi and Sun Young differ in their style, tone, and personalities as I go back and forth between the two characters in their 20s and 40s“, she shared.

Alice will premiere on August 28 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki with English subtitles.

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