Kim Dami shares about memories in her first drama “Itaewon Class”

Kim Dami talks about her first drama ‘Itaewon Class’ and her acting

Kim Dami won the trophy for Best New Actress Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards along with her first-ever drama. She announced the birth of a fresh female character through her role as Jo Yi Seo in Itaewon Class. She has all over again proved her title of “monster rookie” by showing her bold performances that completely match honest and assured Jo Yi Seo.

In an interview with the media Daily Sports, Kim Dami frankly shared her thoughts on Itaewon Class, popularity, and acting.

Q1. Itaewon Class was your first drama?

“In the start, I used to be worried about having the ability to adapt well to the new field. But I got rather more comfortable after meeting the director and fellow actors often. The filming started in May last year and resulted in March this year. I’m still watching clips on my phone cause I’m sad it’s over.”

Q2. I heard that the team got along okay.

“We all have different personalities, but after we get together, it’s amazing. Everyone’s so busy, so we can’t hang around that usually, but the chat room continues to be open. nobody has left the group chat.”

Q3. The recognition of the initial work must are burdensome.

“When I first met the director, he said, ‘There is an inventive work, but I might prefer to create your own Jo Yi Seo.’ I built up the character, discussing the tone and personality with the director.”

Q4. Did you mostly dream of becoming an actor?

“I’ve dreamed of becoming an actor since I used to be young. I told my parents about my dream once I was in high school and ready in earnest.”

Q5. I’m sure your life changed completely after The Witch (The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion).

“I think I used to be lucky. With the film, I won the title of ‘monster rookie,’ and that I was quite surprised. At the time, I had no concept that it absolutely was such a giant movie.”

Q6. What’s the charm of acting?

“I was never curious about anything, but the acting was the primary thing I rejoiced with. once I read the scripts, it’s interesting to interpret and express them in my very own way. It’s hard, but it’s fun. I’d like to play various roles.”

Q7. The recognition of Itaewon Class overseas is unusual.

“I see plenty of overseas fans once I see my SNS accounts. I can’t read all of them, but some fans would send their supports in Korean, and a few fans who can’t speak Korean would translate and send their supports to me.”

Q8. I heard you enjoy American TV series. does one have any dreams of entering Hollywood?

“I’ve thought of acting in English. If I buy an opportunity, I’ll do my best. (laughs)”

Q9. What’s your plan for the last half of this year?

“I start the filming for the movie lover in August. The Witch 2 continues to be under discussion because the schedules haven’t been confirmed yet. I’d prefer to work on a replacement drama, but I believe it’ll be around next year at the earliest.”

Q10. What reasonably actor does one want to be?

“I want to be an actor who knows herself well. after I consider it, I don’t know much about myself. If I do know myself to a tolerable degree, I feel I’ll be able to act more boldly in various ways.”

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