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Kim Bo Ra Is The PerFormer Of OST For Series “SF8”

Kim Bo Ra Is The PerFormer Of OST For Series “SF8”. She has sung an OST for her project in the film/drama crossover series “SF8”!

Kim Bo Ra is one of the mains of The Sci-Fi Series “SF8”. Set in the near future, “SF8” tells the story of people who dream of a perfect society through technological advancements. This project is a Korean original sci-fi anthology series about an array of subjects including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, gaming, fantasy, horror, superpowers, and disasters.

The eight Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) directors participating in this project include Kim Eui Deok, Roh Deok, Min Kyu Dong, Ahn Gooc Jin, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Jang Cheol Soo, and Han Ka Ram. Each director will present a 40-minute project for “SF8”.

Kim Bo Ra and Choi Sung Eun will appear in director Lee Yoon Jung’s queer youth story “Joan’s Galaxy” as Joan and EO respectively, which takes place during a fine dust disaster. Their society is divided into those who are “C” and those who are “N”. While people who are “C” are able to afford the vaccine and live around 100 years, people who are “N” only live until they’re 30 years old without the vaccine. After growing up thinking she was a “C”, 26-year-old college student EO learns that she’s actually “N” and suddenly becomes curious about the lives of others like her. In particular, she takes an interest in the life of Joan, who is the only other “N” at their school.

On August 6, Kim Bo Ra’s OST titled “Breath of the Stars” was released. The lyrics depict the freedom and sadness that come with only living for 30 years, and the song is also sung by Joan in the show. Check out the music video below!

After its pre-release on the OTT platform wavve in July, SF8 will officially air on MBC later this month and will also be available on Viki!

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