Do you know Kang Sora and Leeteuk’s relationship?

How is Kang Sora and Leeteuk’s relationship from “We Got Married”? Let’s check the details about this couple below!

What is We Got Married?

We Got Married is a Korean variety where Korean artists will shoot a marriage-like life with other artists. This show is popular among K-pop fans because they will see how their favorite idols might act if they were to marry someone. one amongst the favourite pairings from this show has been Super Junior’s Leeteuk and actress Kang So-ra. They are called “Dimple Couple” by their fans have and showed good chemistry through the show.

Are you inquisitive about Leeteuk and Kang So-ra’s relationship after their virtual marriage has ended? Let’s take a glance at their relationship!

Kang So-ra and Leeteuk’s Virtual Marriage

Kang So-ra and Leeteuk were cast as a pairing in We Got Married Season 3. Their first meeting may need been awkward, but they generated many sweet moments while shooting their virtual marriage, like their trip to Nami Island, their jealous moments when the pair was near others, the marriage photoshoot, and more importantly, their kissing scene.

wedding photoshoot

Both seem to require care of every other devotedly, showing many affection and even showing possessiveness of every other. One example is after they were visiting Nami Island. His fellow group member, Sungmin called Leeteuk and was bragging that he had run into his virtual wife accidentally. Leeteuk was jealous because he couldn’t meet Kang So-ra for a long time, so he threw a joke at Sungmin, saying he hoped for his musical to fail, but ended the decision by wishing the most effective for Sungmin’s musical.

Kang Sora and Leeteuk's relationship island

Another moment was when the 2 were going out together to be told to tango. Leeteuk seemed shy when there was a move where Kang So-ra had to lean closer to him, which she seemed happy about, but Leeteuk also reacted the identical way when the trainer did the identical thing as her. The way he reacts definitely makes her burn with evident jealousy, but moments where they showed jealousy still looked cute to their fans.


Besides jealousy, the “Dimple Couple” also showed lots of affection toward one another. Their first kiss was after they were celebrating Leeteuk’s birthday at some restaurant on Nami Island. When Kang So-ra said that she had another present for Leeteuk’s birthday, it clothed that this was a kiss on his cheek. They also showed lots of skinship at their wedding photoshoot, holding hands, hugging, and even leaning on one another.

lee teuk kang sora lee teuk kang sora lee teuk kang sora

Another cute thing we could see is that, at their home for We Got Married, Leeteuk and Kang So-ra were keeping four clownfish, which they named Lee, Teuk, So, and Ra. Their sweet moments had to finish after Leeteuk had to travel for his military service. that they had their last episode showing Leeteuk kissing Kang So-ra on her lips.


Their Relationship Now

After they ended their plan We Got Married, they were both busy with their respective activities. Leeteuk had to travel to the military and couldn’t make any appearances on TV, but their relationship remained close even outside shooting. Kang So-ra said that when she was visiting act in Dream High 2, the 2 of them kept communicating by sending one another short messages of support. She also said that Leeteuk’s profession as a singer really helped her to understand her role within the drama.

Kang Sora and Leeteuk's relationship

When We Got Married aired their Chuseok special episode, where Leeteuk participated because the MC, he clearly declared that he missed his former virtual wife. He said it after seeing how sweetly another couple from We Got Married were working together to win a game, and he appeared to be remembering his own moments with Kang So-ra while they shooting for the show. He said that he still kept involved with Kang So-ra, and that they maintain their close friendship.

Kang Sora and Leeteuk's relationship

Apart from this, they also followed one another on social media. But when the news about Kang So-ra officially dating Hyun Bin came out, Leeteuk suddenly unfollowed Kang So-ra on Instagram, although Kang So-ra still followed his account. Many fans speculated that he had a broken heart, while others were saying that it absolutely was to respect the link between Kang So-ra and Hyun Bin.

What is your opinion about the “Dimple Couple”? Do you think that Kang Sora and Leeteuk’s relationship is still maintained as their close friendship after We Got Married‘s shooting ended? Don’t forget to comment below!

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  1. July 29, 2022
    Lanie Pag-ong De Jose

    I still watch WGM Teuksora until today… i just so love the chemistry between the two…so natural….miss them.



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