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Kang Ha Neul gives many compliments to Ha Ji Won in “Curtain Call”

Kang Ha Neul praises his co-star in “Curtain Call”, Ha Ji Won for her acting, beauty, and personality. Check out the details right now below!

Kang Ha Neul, the co-star of Ha Ji Won’s upcoming drama “Curtain Call” on KBS 2TV cannot speak highly enough about her!

A new drama called “Curtain Call” centers on an elderly North Korean woman who is near the end of her life and a theatre performer who pretends to be her grandson in order to grant her last wish. Ha Ji Won will play heiress Park Se Yeon, who oversees the Nakwon Hotel, which is owned by her grandmother, and Kang Ha Neul will play Yoo Jae Heon, a stage performer who makes a life-altering decision (played by Go Doo Shim).

Park Se Yeon believes she is the only person capable of managing the Nakwon Hotel in the future after she and her two older brothers experience the abrupt loss of both parents when they are young. Park Se Yeon has put in a lot of effort and consistently gained on-the-job experience at the hotel with a strong sense of duty in order to get ready for the position.

Ha Ji Won portrays the refined Park Se Yeon in the recently revealed stills from the upcoming drama, radiating both warmth and a sense of authority. Park Se Yeon is a consummate professional who excels at getting things done as well as being a kind leader who gets along well with others.

curtain call

Kang Ha Neul exclaimed, “With Ha Ji Won, you don’t even need the word ‘chemistry,'” complimenting his co-star. She is that talented. She sincerely cares for others and makes them feel at ease. Her attractiveness and sparkling good looks, in addition to her acting talent, require no words.

Go Doo Shim echoed him when he said, “She’s truly like a gorgeous grandchild. This is my first time acting alongside Ha Ji Won. I was able to perform pretty comfortably [during filming] because she approached me with a warm, laid-back appeal.

Many other cast and crew members nominated Ha Ji Won as the one who brightened the environment on set, according to the drama’s production team.

curtain call

At 9:50 p.m. KST on October 31, “Curtain Call” makes its debut.

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