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Kang Daniel is criticized due to his speech!

Kang Daniel was criticized by a representative of the advertising sector for being impolite. Check out the details right now!

Kang Daniel is getting the flak for using casual language.

On November 8, Mnet live-streamed the conclusion of their dance survival program, “Street Man Fighter.” “Thank you to our advertisement officials,” said the program’s MC Kang Daniel during the broadcast. Then Kang Daniel kept yelling, “Trevi is amazing,” he exclaimed, adding, “Just kidding. However, I’m just somewhat sincere “after that.

Immediately following the broadcast, Kang Daniel received feedback from online viewers who took issue with the fact that Seagram, not the competing beverage brand Trevi, is supporting “Street Man Fighter.” The singer’s oversight cost ‘Seagram’ money, which was ultimately used to advertise their rival brand Trevi.

Kang Daniel

As Seagram had supported the production of the program for about six months, Kang Daniel is facing harsh criticism. During the section devoted to thanking all the sponsors, he abruptly yelled out the name of the rival brand.

He is an MC who does not even know the fundamental “Rules,” according to an official from the advertising sector. The representative noted that Kang Daniel’s abrupt statement should be classified as a broadcast mishap.

An additional advertising business expert said, “Although we are not requesting that he be courteous to the advertiser, he shouldn’t be unpleasant either. In the history of previous broadcasts, there has never been an MC who has given a competitor’s product praise.”

Kang Daniel

Because Kang Daniel has already received criticism for his sloppy word choice, this recent dispute has generated a lot of talks.

When speaking with his followers in July, Kang Daniel made a remark regarding “Street Woman Fighter” that drew strong criticism. He revealed, “To be quite honest, the fact that they are all men makes it so cozy. I’m glad that I won’t lose energy in this situation.” I was particularly afraid of ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ he continued, “because of the elderly women wearing thick eyeliner.” When his admirers called attention to his sloppy speech, he responded, “You must annoy people when you attend stand-up comedies. Let’s enjoy a simple life.”

In the meantime, Mnet has taken the audio out of the final episode of “Street Man Fighter” which was posted to several OTT providers. In place of Kang Daniel’s objectionable statement, Mnet substituted a BGM.

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