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Kairos could be a fantasy thriller a couple of man (Shin Sung Rok) who is devastated when their daughter is kidnapped that connects with a lady (Lee Se Young) over the phone who lives one month within the past and is trying to find her missing mother.

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Shin Sung Rok is Kim Seo Jin. he’s a successful businessman at a construction company with a wife and daughter. His life is turned the other way up though when his daughter is kidnapped, and he will stop at nothing to save lots of her.

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Lee Se Young plays Han Ae Ri. She is a component-time worker at a store who takes care of her ill mother. Her life also takes a terrible turn when her mother disappears. Help comes from an unexpected place when she discovers she is in a position to attach with a person one month in her future by phone.

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Rounding out the most cast is Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae who is Seo Jin’s wife and Ahn Bo Hyun as Seo Do Gyun who works closely with Seo Jin at his company.

We get a time-centered suspense drama with an enormous mystery to unravel with Kairos. Anything time-related deserves a peek from me. instead of physical time travel, Kairos takes the route of communicating across time as Seo Jin and Ae Ri are one month apart and speak over the phone. The timelines move forward at an identical speed, so there’s a limited amount of your time to vary things within the past.

We get some truly fantastic acting in Kairos. I’m a lover of Shin Sung Rok. Though he’s more known for his villainous roles, he has had several outings of the more humorous variety and as a correct rom-com lead. We get to determine him step into more of a hero lead role in Kairos as he rushes to save lots of his family.

Shin Sung Rok was gripping in his performance. The raw emotion he portrayed at the loss of his daughter was painful to determine. which intensity continues all of the ways through as he’s really put through such a lot and experiences some incredible character growth.

I also like Lee Se Young, and he or she too gave a compelling performance because of the struggling woman trying to search out her mother. She’s smart and difficult while also being kind and relatable. She puts in an exceedingly lot of effort to locate her mother and help Seo Jin. The mother and daughter relationship here was great to determine.

I enjoyed seeing Seo Jin and Ae Ri help one another in their times of difficulty. Although they’re limited in their ability to attach only over the phone for much of the story, they create the foremost of their short and intense conversations. Their lives also become increasingly intertwined which furthers the connection.

The pacing of the drama is great because it moves swiftly forward with constant plot developments. We get many twists and activities on this journey. there’s some bad character higher cognitive process here and there, except for the foremost part, the most characters are smart. they are available up with solid plans to do and right their situation and solve the mystery.

Now, personally, I loved the primary half the drama where I used to be very engaged and felt the suspense as Seo Jin and Hae Ri frantically tried to avoid wasting their loved ones amidst an enormous mystery concerning everything that was happening.

The last half was still good, but it did lose some steam on my behalf. About halfway through the drama, one particular plot development initiated the change followed by the story becoming more predictable.


We had some big build-up to Seo Jin discovering his wife and daughter were still alive that quickly sent him from happy to distraught as he realized they were with Do Gyun. Then Hyun Chae, Do Gyun, and company proceeded to do and kill him. But Hae Ri is in a position to alter things within the past by preventing Da Bin’s kidnapping which changes everything, although not within the best way for her.

The act of her catching up to the start of Seo Jin’s timeline and therefore the initial crisis being resolved took away lots of the mystery and successively a number of the suspense on behalf of me. there have been still many thrills to be had and layers of mystery to penetrate, but it just never rivaled the primary 1/2 the drama.


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Despite, the last half losing some steam, Kairos may be a fine done time focused suspense drama. It gives us a well-written story that handles the time elements extremely well. many mystery and thrills combined with nice pacing and constant plot developments. The acting was also wonderful. this is often an excellent entry in both the time and suspense genres, and that I think fans of either of these will enjoy this one.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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