K-Pop stars with light-colored hair made netizens disappointed!

Some K-Pop idols made netizens disappointed with their light-colored hair. Check out the details about them right now below!

K-pop idols have always been appreciated for their looks and talents. Every time they appear in public, they have a team behind them to prepare from costumes, hairstyles to makeup to perfect and shine. However, some idols are disappointing when their own image “submerges” their beauty. Especially when they have light-colored hair.

Gaeul (IVE)

At the last Dream Concert 2022 red carpet, Gaeul (IVE) disappointed fans when appearing with short, golden hair. Not only that, but the makeup style also makes the female idol elder, her face is oily. Before that, the eldest sister IVE received a lot of compliments when she wore shoulder-length hair.


Gaeul appeared with a strange hairstyle, making the female idol’s beauty drowned out.


The make-up makes IVE’s oldest sister even older. This hairstyle also doesn’t create a good effect for female idols on stage


Before that, Gaeul was praised for having short black hair


Jennie (BLACKPINK) also once caused a lot of controversies when renewing with orange hair. Many viewers commented that she inherently has dark skin, so choosing this color is not suitable. Previously, the main rapper of BLACKPINK was familiar with black or brown hair.


Jennie caused a lot of controversies when she wore orange hair.


The audience thinks that Jennie dyed “playing” is fine, but for the comeback, it hasn’t exploded yet. Even so, her charisma and beauty can still balance this difficult hair color


Jennie used to always have black hair

Joy (Red Velvet)

In 2016, Joy (Red Velvet) also made people new when she changed to bright blonde hair color. However, the stylist added silly bangs for the female idol-making her sweet and luxurious beauty “lost”.


Joy disappoints the audience by wearing blonde hair and adding silly bangs. The image of the female idol makes fans not want to repeat


Joy is very sexy and chic when she has dark hair.

Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung (TWICE) caused many waves when she wore orange hair. Accordingly, the female idol was commented to follow the image of Lisa (BLACKPINK). Not only that, this hairstyle also makes it difficult for Chaeyoung to maintain her beauty, sometimes she looks stylish, and sometimes she drowns her visuals.


Chaeyoung caused a lot of controversies when she wore orange hair.


This hairstyle plus JYP Entertainment’s make-up will sometimes become a “combo to drown” the female idol.

Sunny (SNSD)

Sunny is the member who most often dyes her hair the brightest color in SNSD. However, not always female idols will be exalted with white skin. On the contrary, Sunny also owns a collection of photos drowned because of her “colorful” hairdos.


Sunny owns a whole collection of photos because of her light hair color. The female idol’s image is not appreciated.

Although there is a well-prepared crew, many times idols are controversial because of their shape. Besides, fans also praised the confident and professional demeanor of the idols no matter how “dumb visual”.

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