K-Pop idols without double eyelids will make you love when you see them!

Idols who look great with or without double eyelids. Let’s check right now with us!

In the period of time of K-Pop, the sweetness standards that were considered the norm consisted of getting double eyelids, however, in recent times, that has changed.

Beauty standards have changed, and after all, mono lids have actually been the recent beauty trend in recent times, because the “fennec fox” look has been quite hot among the fans.

So within the past, fans for fun have actually tried applying double-eyelids on photos of some idols known to possess great beauty with mono lids.

While these particular idols look great with or without double eyelids, their original mono lids are in fact out and away from the foremost attractive. But if you have ever what they will appear as if with double-eyelids, you’ll be able to take a look at the photos below for comparison.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi has many fans who also happen to be idols additionally. She has been chosen before within the past because of the idol that other idols want to be friends with the foremost.

SM Entertainment usually favors idols with double-eyelids, because it has long been their favored visual preference. Seulgi actually is that the first-ever female idol who was an exception.

It’s not hard to determine why.

Jimin (BTS)

Jimin too is one of the trend-setting idols in recent times who has mono lids.


JB‘s signature visuals consist of many beautiful elements, and one of them is his monolid eyes. However, one day, he decided to undertake out himself how he might look with double eyelids.

What are your thoughts?

While he looks great with them, his original beauty is out and away from the most effective.


V, whose visuals are legendary status, would little question look great with or without them.

But uniquely, V’s left eye actually forms a double-eyelid, while his right eye is monolid.

Sung Jae (BTOB)

Here’s Sung Jae with double eyelids.

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