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K-Pop idols put a lot of effort into their stage!

The price K-Pop idols have to pay to have a 100% passionate stage for their fans. Check out the reason and the details right now!

The entertainment industry is harsher and more stressful than what it shows on the outside. To be able to give their best on stage, idols have to put away their own feelings, even though they are tired, they still have to finish the performance to the end. Looking back at the moments when the idols suppressed pain to perform or collapsed when the lights went out, many people feel sad.

BLACKPINK kicked off the world tour BORN PINK with the first destination in Seoul (Korea). Maintaining the heat of an hour-long program was not easy, the four girls had to put in 100% of their efforts. In a fan-recorded video, Lisa, who was cool one minute on stage, collapsed on the spot the next minute.

The female idol collapsed before she could get off the stage.

It is worth respecting that the female idol, despite being extremely tired, still waited for the spotlight to go out and the sound to stop before collapsing. Witnessing this moment, fans couldn’t help but feel heartache.

lisa kpop idols
The powerful choreography makes the youngest member of BLACKPINK spend a lot of energy. Thai beauties are full of energy but sometimes tired.

This is not the first time Lisa has collapsed due to fatigue. Participating in the program “Youth with Friends” as a coach, the Thai beauty filmed a one-take video performing the theme song.

After finishing the dance, the female idol could not walk and collapse right onto the floor. Lisa also shared that the choreography of the song was so tiring that she almost vomited.

Lisa collapsed on the floor because she was so tired.

Due to the dense schedule and strong choreography, BTS is exhausted many times. Fans must still be sad when looking back at the image of Suga unable to stand, having to cling to the wall at the end of the performance at MAMA 2017. Attending the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, BTS members continuously gasped and fell. object to the floor as soon as the spotlight went out because he was too tired.

suga K-Pop idols
Suga couldn’t stand backstage.
K-Pop idols jungkook
Jungkook was exhausted after finishing the performance.

At the Golden Disc Awards, the boy group HYBE performed to the point of exhaustion, even wearing an oxygen mask backstage, surprising reporters.

“I’ve never seen an idol like that. I usually do interviews when idols are done performing, but I couldn’t bear to bother BTS, not after seeing that scene” – he shared.

K-Pop idols bts
Members must wear oxygen masks. BTS only collapsed when the spotlight went out.
Boy groups always perform with 100% energy.

Not letting fans down when attending concerts abroad, Momo had to hold back the pain to perform to the end. On the livestream in February 2022, the Japanese beauty revealed that she fell and hit her head on a large pole while moving in the chicken wings.

momo K-Pop idols
Even though it hurt to cry, the female idol still went on stage to perform.

The impact was so strong that Momo bit her tongue, and her eyes couldn’t focus. The female idol was trembling after being injured, fearing that she would lose her memory. Despite the pain in her body, Momo was still determined to go on stage and complete the song “SCIENTIST” with the members in the best way.

momo K-Pop idols
Momo compresses pain to bring the audience to the most perfect stage.

A stage performing 100% of the energy at the expense of a lot of sweat and tears of idols. Through this, fans are even more impressed by the will, dedication to the profession, and professionalism of the idols.

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