K-Drama Reviews: Fated to Love You

K-Drama Reviews: Fated to Love You. The drama can make your life is more positive!

Fated to Love You tells the story of an unusual rich chaebol and a timid office worker who accidentally have a 1 nightstand that leads to a pregnancy and one amazing romance.

Oh how I am keen on “Fated to Love You”! This drama just hit numerous sweet spots on my behalf me. the primary half is your standard romantic comedy that then transitions to more of a melodrama within the last half.

Main Characters in Fated to Love You

Jang Hyuk is totally perfect for the role of Lee Gun. he’s so animated and off the wall with a really over-the-highest comedic style. then there’s the classic Jang Hyuk laugh! it’s prominently on display throughout this drama, and that I find it irresistible to pieces!

But the wonderful thing about Jang Hyuk is that he’s even as amazing when it involves being serious. Lee Gun goes through such a difficult time within the half of the drama, and Jang Hyuk has the power to bring on such powerful emotions. He’s one of all those actors that basically conveys his feelings through his eyes. I’ve mentioned this before, but when he cries, I cry. His tears just always move me that much. he’s simply an incredible actor.

Jang Na Ra plays our sweet and innocent Kim Mi Young perfectly. Despite being so timid and apologetic, she always comes off as likable. I couldn’t have chosen a much better actress to drag that off so perfectly. And Jang Na Ra effortlessly delivers the emotional punches concerning her own heartfelt storyline.

But this couple together is totally adorable. they’re one of my all-time favorite K-drama couples thanks to their amazing chemistry, fun personalities, and also the journey they’re going on together. they’ll always have a spot in my heart due to their wonderful romance.

Our second male lead is Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk). He’s that perfect guy who is usually there for Mi Young irrespective of the circumstance. I actually really liked his chemistry with Jang Na Ra too. that they had such a sweet relationship, and that I always enjoyed him.

Se Ra (Wang Ji Won) is Lee Gun’s girlfriend when the drama begins. Luckily, for the foremost part, she could be a pretty likable second female lead. She was caught within the middle of a nasty situation and apart from one selfish try to hold on to Lee Gun, she does her best to maneuver on.

Spoilers below

How I loved watching Gun and Mi Young indurate the arrival of their baby within the half of the drama. They went through their share of challenges, but it always had a humorous tone. But things take a terrible turn when Mi Young miscarries. This initiates such a tragic chain of events.

The drama explores both Gun and Mi Young’s grief exhaustive as they both frequently speak of the pain they’re feeling well. Due in large part to its amazing intensity from Jang Hyuk, but also from the talented Jang Na Ra, I used to be a complete mess within the last half of the drama.

“Fated to Love You” is officially the drama I’ve got cried the foremost during. From about episode 10 onward, I cried throughout an honest chunk of each episode. But that’s definitely not a nasty thing. This drama was just ready to move me so deeply due to its well-developed characters and their engaging story.

But even within the midst of tragedy, the drama still had lots of feel-good and fun moments. Jang Hyuk continues to be quirky and his smile and laugh just liven things up. Then watching Gun and Mi Young reconnect was always a joy. Seriously, this couple is one in all the most effective around!

For me, “Fated to Love You” is that perfect mixture of comedy and melodrama. With a tremendous story, extremely talented actors, and such a heartwarming story, it truly could be a special drama. jointly of my all-time favorite K-dramas, I highly recommend “Fated to Love You”.

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