K-Drama Review: You’re All Surrounded, popular action Korean drama

K-Drama Review: You’re All Surrounded, is an interesting action scene of Korean entertainment. The drama has many famous actors and actresses! 

Action scene in Korean Drama

Recently, K-Drama fever has been spreading everywhere in the globe in an ever-increasing manner. the assorted genres offer everyone a bit of viewing pleasure in line with their preferences and likes.

Korean dramas are available in numerous different genres that make it easy for you to decide on the kind of drama you’d wish to watch. Before we proceed with the review of You’re All Surrounded, let’s take a more in-depth examine the varied K-drama genres first.

1. A melodrama may be a story or play within which there are plenty of exciting and sad events during which people’s emotions are very exaggerated. Moreover, a melodrama tends to feature a reductive storyline and characters that are stereotypical.

2. An action drama may be a genre within which the protagonist or protagonists are thrust into a series of challenges that typically include violence, extended fighting, physical feats, and frantic chases.

3. A romance genre may be a reasonable drama whose aim is to present a tale or history of affection, and whose plot is told through the dialogue of the actors.

4. A comedy-drama may be a style and a kind of writing that’s amusing and satirical in its tone, mostly having a cheerful ending.

5. Rom-com (romantic comedy) is the perfect genre for those that are trying to find a lightweight drama with lots of funny moments and plenty of romantic scenes, and also with cute characters of actors in action.

6. The Fantasy genre could be a fun drama of illusion that focuses on the actors’ characters who have supernatural powers or maybe a story about the various worlds among the actors’ characters.

7. The historical genre may be a style of drama that takes place in the past, while a monarch was in power in the ancient days of Korea. the situation and time of the story tell what happened during the monarch’s ear.

8. School genre is sometimes a story about a couple of student’s life: teenagers, school conditions, love, friendship, bullying, and rivals.

9. A drama of the medical genre tells the story of how his hospital life and activity. Usually, it includes surgeons, pharmacists, psychiatrists, nurses, patients, and other doctors.

10. A psychological drama deals with mental disorders, the way to handle the disorders, and is great for character development.

You’re All Surrounded: A Drama about Four Rookie Detectives

you're all surrounded

You’re all surrounded

  • Drama name: You’re All Surrounded
  • Hangul: 너희들은 포위됐다
  • Romanization: Neoheedeuleun Phowidwaetda
  • Genre: Action, comedy, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Episode Lenght: 60 minute
  • Channel: SBS
  • Aired: From May 7th to July 17th, 2014
  • Country: South Korea
  • Cast:
    • Lee Seung-gi as Eun Dae-koo
    • Go Ara as Eo Soo-sun
    • Ahn Jae-hyun as Park Tae-il
    • Park Jung-min as Ji Kook
    • Cha Seung-won as Seo Pan-seok.


You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded’s Poster

You’re All Surrounded follows the stories of 4 young rookie detectives at a station in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. They find themselves promoted to detectives because of an endeavor to clear up corruption within the force. None of the rookies even dreamed of becoming a detective. Then, they meet with the chief investigator of team #3, Seo Pan-seok (Cha Seung-won), for the primary time.

At the battlefront of the story of this drama is Kim Ji-young (Lee Seung-gi), who after witnessing the murder of his mother, changes his name to Eun Dae-koo and becomes a detective. there’s an episode within which Eun Dae-koo starts to spy on the chief of his team, Seo Pan-seok (Cha Seung-won) believing that he’s somehow associated with the case of his mother’s murder. In 11 years, he has never managed to ignore him and his involvement in the truth behind his mother’s murder. He learns about Seo Pan-seok’s past, his real identity, and makes a deep reference to the people around him.

Drama Review

You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded

The bitter-sweet story of every character during this drama will surely cause you to want to look at this drama over and yet again. because the plotline develops the story gets more interesting, more complicated, neat, unexpected, and obvious at the identical time.

The main character Kim Ji-young/Eun Dae-goo played by leading actor Lee Seung-gi is extremely well developed and interesting. His photographic memory that’s kind of a trademark of his character reminds us of Conan Edogawa. Despite being tough, arrogant, and stubborn, he also contains a funny side of his character moreover. His serious character is well suited to Eo Soo-sun (Go Ara), a personality that contains a hilarious, kind, and wonderful side.

Park Tae-il, Ahn Jae-hyun’s character, is someone who encompasses a handsome face, is overall good-looking, is kind of well, and is the smartest member. And Ji Gook Park Jung-min’s character is naive, nerdy, and always manages to search out trouble but is trying his best to assist his team. All of those details make this drama more interesting and fun to look at.

Meet Seo Pan-seok, played by Cha Seung-won, who brings the twist within the plotline together with his angry, yet calm and mysterious persona.

You’re All Surrounded scene

In summary, You’re All Surrounded could be an excellent and entertaining drama. The actors’ and actresses’ chemistry and performance bring out the most effective in their characters. they will cause you to curious and laugh similarly. Even the soundtrack supports every scene perfectly. Action meets comedy and is wrapped with romantic scenes making this drama highly recommended as a component of your watching list of K-drama.

You’re All Surrounded’s Cast

1. Lee Seung-gi as Eun Dae-koo/Kim Ji-young

You’re All Surrounded cast

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung-gi plays Eun Dae-koo, an adult man who decided to become a true cop to solve his mother’s murder case. His real during this drama is Kim Ji-young, but he change his name to Eun Dae-Koo and grew up as an orphan even he joined as a rookie detective at a police headquarters in Gangnam to cover his real identity.

2. Go Ara as Eo Soo-sun


You’re All Surrounded cast

Go Ara

She was only a lady partially of a rookie detective group in the Gangnam police office. She has a bold and protracted personality, eventually, she was applied seven times before she was accepted into the academy. Eo Soo-sun was a pairing couple and have a story with Eun Dae-koo during this drama.

3. Cha Seung-won as Seo Pan-seok

You’re All Surrounded cast

Cha Seung Woo

Seo Pan-seok is known well as a policeman for closing a concept case and catching the foremost notorious criminal. He was also a team captain of the Violent Team unit which Eun Dae-koo and other three detective members joined. He has been a relation with way back unsolved case of murderer witness and never forgets this case. Pan-seok even lost his son in this case.

4. Ahn Jae-hyun as Park Tae-il

Ahn Jae Hyun

Ahn Jae Hyun

An adult man who has a flower handsome face and a calm side. together with his appearance and personality, he sounds like grew up in an exceedingly excellent life. Tae-il includes a secret about his chronicle that he was to go away from medicine and become a detective, which is the choice his family disapproves of.

5. Park Jung-min as Ji Gook

park jung min

Park Jung Min

A clumsy and talkative guy who has absurd reason to become a detective in Gangnam police simply because he wants to measure in Gangnam.

6. Oh Yoon-ah as Kim Sa-kyung

oh yoon ah

Oh Yoon Ah

Sa-kyung was Pan-seok’s ex-wife who was also a tenacious detective with strong conviction. A female cop who works along with his persistence to achieve her goals without being discriminated against. Sa-kyung and Pan-Seok still love one another even their was divorced for an extended time, so in the end, they decided to begin dating again.

7. Sung Ji-ru as Lee Eung-do

sung ji ru

Sung Ji Ru

He is Pan-Seok’s senior colleague who looks open to the recruits affectionately.

The Soundtrack

You’re All Surrounded OST Part 1 (What’s Wrong With Me)

This soundtrack revolves around the romance developing between the 2 main characters falling enamored with one another but having yet to appreciate their feelings.

You’re All Surrounded OST Part 2 (Love, That One Word)

SNSD Taeyeon’s voice matches well with this soundtrack. It describes how two people that fall loving confess their feeling for every other. they’re attentive to the birth of their love, but don’t know the way to convey their feelings. So, they only watch one another.

You’re All Surrounded OST Part 3 (I’m in Love)

This song was originally sung by JYJ’s Xia Junsu and Lee Seung Chul did a canopy of this song for You’re All Surrounded. The lyrics tell the story of a person who incorporates a crush on a girl. he’s happy just observing this woman, without telling her about his feelings.

You’re All Surrounded OST Part 4 (I Only See You)

A sad song about how depressing it’s when two people love one another but haven’t said a word to every other about their feelings.

10 reasons why you ought to watch You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded

These are the explanation why you ought to watch this drama so bad!

1. The drama tells the story of the childhood trauma of the character that creates him develop a closed personality.

2. The storyline which is written neatly between action, comedy, and romance make this drama so fun to look at.

3. Actors and actresses who are good-looking, have a fresh appearance, good chemistry, and ideal performances complete this drama.

4. The interesting story, plot twists, the heavy and lightweight scenario will cause you to unable to shut your eyes.

5. The intimate connection between the soundtrack and also the scenes during this drama will bring your feelings into this drama.

6. This drama causes you to want to re-watch it again and again.

7. The storyline is so interesting that it’s addictive and can cause you to fall taken with this drama.

8. Each of the characters will cause you to feel curious, happy, miserable, and even funny.

9. Each episode of this drama will bring out your impatience making you wish to look at another episode immediately.

10. This drama presents a different story about k-drama that heavy and light-weight story-line within the same time which might cause you to heart low and jump sort of a roller-coaster.

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