K-Drama Review: Save Me

K-Drama Review: Save Me. That drama will show you the action of Seo Ye Ji, a talented artist, she will take you to all levels of emotions

Save Me (also called Rescue Me) could be a psychological thriller a couple of woman (Seo Ye Ji) who finds herself trapped during a pseudo-religious cult. When a past love (Taecyeon) hears her ask to be saved, he and his friends work to assist her escape.

Whew! That was one wild ride! This drama is all types of crazy. “Save Me” is totally different from any drama I’ve got ever seen. the topic matter of a cult is extremely unique in and of itself. There’s no real solid pattern for predicting how a story like this may unfold.

Main characters

Seo Ye Ji was fantastic as Im Sang Mi. She’s the one who sees through the cult the minute she meets them, but a series of events lands her and her family right within the middle of it. It’s heartbreaking to determine how trapped she is and the way much pain she has got to handle. and she or he just can’t seem to escape!

But she is that the definition of a powerful and brave woman. Her circumstances just leave her in an exceedingly place where she really needs some help to avoid wasting herself. Seo Ye Ji put such a lot into this role from subtle distress to full-on terror. Wonderful performance!

Taecyeon plays Han Sang Hwan. because the son of the governor, he’s made, but he’s very kind and right down to earth. When Sang Mi moves to town, he immediately takes interest in her. But things get complicated fast for both of them.

Eventually, Sang Hwan is that the one who hears her call for help, and he’s quite able to jump in and save her. I actually liked Sang Hwan because while he wrestles with some difficult decisions, there’s little question he’s a sort and brave man.

We then have Woo Do Hwan as Suk Dong Chul. He’s a part of Sang Hwan’s group of friends. he’s frequently looked down upon due to his family background, and life has always been a struggle. He’s that rough around the edges type who incorporates a big heart. And he too is prepared and willing to assist Sang Mi.

The other boys who are friends with Sang Hwan and Dong Chul include Jung Hoon (Lee David) and Man Hee (Ha Hoe Jung). they’re both excellent-hearted guys who are always able to jump in and help all along with their friends.

Then there’s our villain Father Baek Jung Ki (Jo Sung Ha). He’s the charismatic leader of the cult. His smooth-talking ways and intimidating personality make him a force to be reckoned with. He’s completely creepy in every way. Jo Sung Ha really got into the role and delivered a strong performance.

We then have our other baddies within the cult. Wan Tae (Jo Jae Yun) is that the right man of Father. This guy is beyond sleazy and can do anything to form money. Then there’s Eun Shil (Park Ji Young) who is perhaps the foremost devoted follower of the cult. She’s so delusional that she’s going to do anything to make sure her place among the saved.

The plot of the drama

I have to mention, this drama made me seriously uncomfortable! Not in an exceedingly bad way so to talk, but due to how incredibly disturbing the cult is and the way all of the people in it act. These people are so tousled starting from being delusional, just plain crazy, or completely villainous.

The drama really set the dark and creepy tone from the primary moment and continued it throughout. you simply never get an opportunity to feel comfy with this one. And one crazy thing after another keeps happening! I used to be always wondering what was visiting happen next and was continually surprised. the strain and suspense are high from start to end.

The drama also did well at delivering some very poignant moments. I used to be particularly moved by the subtle yet powerful moments between Sang Mi and Sang Hwan when she asked to be saved. There was this unspoken connection between the 2 that was crammed with emotion, and it just completely pulled me in.

It was heartbreaking watching a family be torn apart and destroyed by the cult. They were once normal and happy, but the change they undergo in only some years is amazing. “Save Me” was really ready to paint a transparent picture of how it’s possible to require advantage of individuals after they are hurting.

Sang Mi’s family becomes completely integrated into the cult leaving her with nowhere to travel. And her father (Jung Hae Kyun) lands up so delusional that he really thinks he’s doing right by his daughter when in point of fact he’s not only allowing others to harm her, he too is hurting her.

The amount of control the cult had over its members was astonishing and sadly, a very faithful life. By using tactics of fear, punishment, and separation from the skin world, the cult was able to create an environment prime for brainwashing its members.

Most do as they’re told because they believe it’s the sole thanks to “board the ship of salvation”. But those that do break the principles are punished so severely and are “re-educated” in order that they’re going to not question things anymore. It’s scary to work out what this type of mind manipulation can do to people.

One thing specifically that I actually enjoyed was that a gaggle of normal guys was ready to move to try and do the proper thing and help Sang Mi against all odds. They took on not only the cult but powerful members of their city.

It’s difficult to observe as they meet one roadblock after another. But it’s also very heartening to work out them unify and work as a team. Their efforts are what give Sang Mi the hope that she desperately needed.

“Save Me” was a really fantastic drama. It’s dark, powerful, and really unique. It’s the type of drama that creates you’re feeling a good range of emotions and really causes you to think. The cast was wonderful with no weak links. They really rouse life this disturbing yet moving story of 1 woman’s harrowing journey to regain her freedom.

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