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K-Drama Review: Oh My Venus

K-Drama Review: Oh My Venus. That drama will make you laugh a lot because of the main couple!
Oh My Venus tells the story of a lawyer named Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) who was stunningly beautiful when she was younger, but she ended up gaining some weight over the course of her life. Her boyfriend of 15 years, Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon), then dumps her for a former friend from their past named Oh Soo Jin (Yoo In Young).
Joo Eun eventually meets a star personal trainer, Kim Young Ho/John Kim (So Ji Sub), who agrees to coach her and obtain her back to healthier shape with the assistance of his two friends Kim Ji Woong (Henry) and Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon).
“Oh My Venus” was certainly a pleasing watch. the primary 1/2 the drama was well executed, but nothing revolutionary. I enjoyed our main couple with Joo Eun being a robust and assured woman despite what the planet may tell her, and Young Ho being a straightforward and no-nonsense reasonably guy when it came to their relationship.

Main Characters in “Oh My Venus”

Shin Min Ah could be a gorgeous woman to mention the smallest amount. I like this girl, and he or she didn’t disappoint in “Oh My Venus”. She has such a talent for evoking emotion. and he or she is simply about the cutest thing ever doing comedy. Even wearing her ‘fat’ suit, she still looked adorable.

So Ji Sub complimented her quite well. I’m within the minority of individuals who seem to seek out So Ji Sub pretty average. But I’ve enjoyed him in past dramas, and also the same goes for “Oh My Venus”. He just comes off a small amount stiff for my tastes, and that I always found myself wishing he would just unfettered and act like Ji Woong if just for some moments. But So Ji Sub may be a talented actor, and it showed within the drama.

Henry was simply adorable and hilarious jointly of our three trainers. I assumed his frequent use of interchangeable English and Korean was humorous. And he was so cute always calling Joo Eun ma’am. We all need a Ji Woong in our lives.

Joon Sung was also a pleasant part of our trio of men. He encompasses a nice side storyline of his own involving his quest to reunite along with his mother.

But the bromance between these three guys was such a treat. Their interactions are fun and humorous similar to heartfelt. These guys have such a true and deep friendship and their dedication and love for every other reality show.

Woo Sik and Soo Jin were interesting second leads therein they were never presented in a solely negative light. They were presented as real people. Woo Sik form grows other than Joo Eun and moves on with Soo Jin.

The plot of “Oh My Venus”

Soo Jin was very overweight as a young adult and had been friends with Woo Sik and Joo Eun. A misunderstanding led her to dislike Joo Eun for several years. She eventually lost weight but found that although she was now beautiful, life wasn’t what she had expected. I actually really enjoyed this couple’s story and thought that they had great chemistry.

In the half of the “Oh My Venus”, I used to be pleasantly surprised when the drama introduced a plot point involving Young Ho and his struggle with psychosomatic illness stemming from an extended struggle with pain and sickness as a toddler during an awfully stressful period in his life.
Kdramas have begun to explore the subject of psychological state more within the last number of years, and that I thought this was an excellent addition. The drama clearly depicted just how real psychological pain is on the form. Despite being completely healed from his physical sickness, Young Ho’s body had been through such a lot of pain including severe stress that it simply remembered the pain. Outside factors and stressful experiences frequently triggered the pain episodes he would experience.

The drama presented his illness in an exceedingly very direct way that clearly showed how real and difficult this illness will be. it had been so wonderful that Joo Eun was ready to easily accept his illness without question and judgment. in fact as in many K-dramas, the illness is cured quite easily through Young Ho’s accident. I can’t say that it might be impossible to cure this kind of illness therein way, it’s just not the norm. But it had been still such a good plot point of the drama, and I’m glad they included it.
I didn’t like a few things: There was no bigger conflict running within the background to propel the story forward or an antagonist to stay things interesting. it had been mostly about one woman’s journey through health and love. Luckily, it did reach portraying that element alright, which is what made the drama a decent watch.
But without something else occurring, the story felt a small amount slow sometimes. it absolutely was also very evident at the tip that they had run out of the story to inform. Flashbacks were used excessively, especially within the final episode. I found Woo Sik and Soo Jin interesting enough that they might have even done some more scenes with them to round out their story, but they didn’t.

They did try and give us some fan service by giving us lots of cute moments between our couple, who yes, are adorable, but it really all felt prefer it should have committed some episodes sooner.

I also really disliked that Young Ho chose to depart for a year following his accident to recover alone. He said it had been because he couldn’t stand to determine Joo Eun’s cry over his condition, but it had been really very selfish because he basically left her to still cry alone. it might are beneficial for them to both undergo that together. Joo Eun’s mother does later tell him that it’s better to puke with someone by your side because it hurts less. Let’s just hope he takes that to the heart within the future.

Overall, “Oh My Venus” was enjoyable, but it did seem to be lacking that special something that produces a drama amazing. The acting is great all around with many couple moments and a fun bromance. Characters are presented in a real type of way that creates them relatable. So despite its flaws, it’s a nice drama that was a pleasant start to 2016.
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