K-Drama Review: My First First Love

My First First Love- The action of Ji Soo will take you to all levels of emotions

“My First First Love” is a youth drama about people in their twenties coming old. Changing relationships happen between a man (Ji Soo) and a lady (Jung Chae Yeon) who are close friends because the guy’s ally (Jung Jin Young) develops feelings for the girl.

Main characters

Tae Oh (Ji Soo) could be a popular, good-natured man who is wealthy along with his own house. Then an unexpected series of events suddenly results in three of his friends living with him! one amongst those includes his long-time friend Song Yi who he begins to develop feelings for.

Song Yi (Jung Chae Yeon) could be a cheerful woman who has been struggling to urge by after she winds up homeless. Her friend Tae Oh takes her in, but their relationship gets complicated as she takes a liking to his close friend Do Hyun.

Do Hyun (Jung Jin Young) could be a friend of Tae Oh’s who is incredibly sweet and a tough worker. He likes Song Yi but worries he’s not ok for her.

Se Hyun (Hong Ji Yoon) may be a co-ed who Tae Oh takes interest in. She’s beautiful and popular, but Song Yi wonders if her motives towards Tae Oh are really pure.


Then we’ve got the outgoing and humorous Hoon (Kang Tae Oh) who could be a struggling actor with complicated family issues.

Finally, there’s sweet and naive Ga Rin (Choi Ri) who comes from a wealthy family and doesn’t quite understand how the real world works. We also get a cute little side romance between this duo.

The plot of My First First Love

I had to attend a while to urge in My First First Love since Netflix split it into two seasons although it’s a typical 16 episode drama. I used to be glad to finally dive into the full thing though.

This is a straightforward coming old series that focuses on relationships. The key on behalf of me to love a drama like this is often to actually just like the characters enough that I feel invested in their lives. Luckily, the drama sets up everything wonderfully because it introduces us to the characters, and that we quickly learn their backstories and their relationship dynamics. I used to be already feeling for them within the first episode and was interested to determine how all of the love lines and friendships played out.

My First First Love

I was certain a small amount of a surprise though. As I got some episodes into the series, certain things about it began to feel very familiar. I felt like I remembered these characters and their connections to every other. Finally, I noticed it all seemed very just like the 2015 drama Because It’s the primary Time which starred Choi Minho and Park So Dam. That was a drama I enjoyed much.

So I visited look it up, and it clothed that My First First Love old friend was a remake of that drama! The same production company, and therefore the writer of the initiative is one of each of the creators of this series. I had no idea!

My First First Love

Now it made sense why all of the relationships were so familiar. While a number of the background connections of the group were a touch different, the love lines, relationship dynamics, most of the character names, and also the core plot were all the same!

So now I used to be basically watching the identical drama just with different actors. there has been another difference between the shows though. Because It’s the primary Time was only 8 episodes while My First First Love ex was 16.

That allowed My First First Love ex to be a bit more complete and to include some additional storylines, but it absolutely was also a touch more laid back in its pacing which left it feeling a small amount draggy within the last half.

In the end, I did like it Because It’s the primary Time more, but I still really enjoyed My First First Love old friend. The characters are lovable, and it’s easy to urge invested in their lives. I found Ji Soo’s portrayal of Tae Oh to be the foremost different from the opposite drama since he’s a fairly unique actor. So this was something I liked.

Most of the opposite characters were exactly just like the ones in Because It’s the primary Time. for example, before I knew this was a remake, I kept watching the character of Hoon and just really feeling like Lee Yi Kyung should be playing this role. I definitely liked Kang Tae Oh, but the character felt made for Lee Yi Kyung. Then I revealed why since Lee Yi Kyung had played the character already! Too funny.

My First First Love

All of the connection dynamics during this drama keep things really interesting. Tae Oh and Do Hyun are both such great guys that they each appear to be a decent match for Song Yi. Watching them struggle with their feelings and the way it’d affect their friendships was difficult. Be prepared for a fairly heavy love square during this one. The relationships are very caught up.

There was also lots of joy to be had as this group of friends celebrate life’s triumphs and support one another through life’s trials. they’re a fun group that is enjoyable to look at.

My First First Love

I was excited to work out Ji Soo in an exceedingly lead role here, and he was playing a lovable type character which is what he does best. Now I just needed him to finally get the girl! after all, now I wondered if this drama would play out exactly just like the other one, particularly if the ending would be identical.

Spoilers below (from My First First Love & Because It’s the primary Time)

If you’ve seen Because It’s the primary Time, you’ll know that this drama ends kind of ambiguous with Tae Oh ultimately deciding to enlist within the military leaving things quite in limbo with him and Song Yi.

But not so in My First First Love! now everything gets called in the open with everything fully addressed. Then Tae Oh and Song Yi actually plan to be together, and that we get quite a few happy moments with the couple. in order that was a pleasant ending. And thank you! Ji Soo DID finally get the girl!

End of spoilers

My First First Love

My First First Love past love may be a drama that’s very easy to observe with likable characters to root for, lots of warmth, and plenty of feels. It’s a nice and comfy series that gives a pleasant break from a number of the heavier stuff.

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