K-Drama Review: Live Up to Your Name

K-Drama Review: Live Up to Your Name. A time-traveling drama is always fun to watch, which makes you feel interesting!

After the mega status of “Queen In Hyun’s Man” back in 2012, South Korea was another time full of time-travel dramas in 2017. Several titles like “The Best Hit”, “Manhole”, “Go Back Couple”, “Worlds Reunited”, “Somehow 18”, and “My Only Love Song”  became the time-travel series that was often mentioned by the avid viewers of K-Drama. together with this list is “Live Up to Your Name”, a drama that mixes the fantasy, medical, and period genres and was aired on tvN within the second quarter of 2017. during this article, Xenews will tell you all about “Live Up to Your Name”, from a synopsis to the lead cast, soundtrack, ratings, and reasons why you’ve got to observe the drama. Stay tuned!

“Live Up to Your Name”: When an excellent physician from the Joseon Era meets a Surgeon in modern time

Otherwise called “Deserving of the Name”, the series was broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00, taking the slot which had previously been occupied by Stranger. Running for 16 episodes of an hour in each episode, Live Up to Your Name tells about the Joseon-era physician, Heo Im (played by Kim Nam-gil), who lives two different lives as a healer for the underprivileged within the afternoons and as a non-public practitioner to treat the rich in the dead of night. He accidentally traveled to the fashionable time and met a female doctor, Choi Yeon-kyung (played by Kim Ah-joong), before a nightclub when she was attempting to find a running patient.

Bewildered by the sudden change, Heo Im slowly learns to measure as a contemporary guy so as to achieve his goal of obtaining plenty of wealth. Heo Im’s transformation into a contemporary man progressed as he formed an acquaintanceship with Choi Yeon-kyung, who later becomes not only his partner in treating illness but also the person with whom he shares his beliefs and principles.

“Live Up to Your Name” Cast

As previously mentioned, “Live Up to Your Name” has the important lead and supporting characters that affect the flow of the story. Thus, we’ll give more detailed information about “Live Up to Your Name” vital roles below.

Kim Nam-gil played the hero of the drama, Heo Im, a Joseon healer from 1592 who is known for treating the poor in his clinic Haeminseo, while at midnight, he treats the noble and wealthy, and spends his time off with gisaeng (enslaved women who work to entertain others). Heo Im is keen to be a court physician like Heo Jun, yet always failed whenever he applied for the position. One day, the palace called Heo Im to treat the King after Heo Jun recommended him. However, he didn’t achieve a cure and was targeted by the palace troops, which unexpectedly led him to flee to the present. On the opposite hand, Kim Ah-joong played Choi Yeon-kyung, a female surgeon at Shinhae hospital who is strict and obeys her principles as a doctor. She is seen as a logical woman who does her job with precision and is that the heroine of this drama.

There are two supporting characters of “Live Up to Your Name” who receive the spotlight similarly. the primary one is Yoo Jae-ha, who is played by Yoo Min-kyu. He’s an Eastern doctor who has admired Yeon-kyung, always addressing her by her name despite being one year younger than her. His skill as a doctor is additionally great, though Heo Im is usually one step prior to him because of his lack of ability to know the patient. The second supporting character is Dongmakgae who is played by Moon Ga-young. She is Heo Im’s assistant, who was a daughter of the slave whom Heo Im treated secretly at nighttime. She is extremely loyal to Heo Im and obeys whatever Heo Im says. The viewers get to determine many comical interactions between Heo Im and Dongmakgae in some episodes.

Not only are there popular and rising actors and actresses, but “Live Up to Your Name” also includes some great veteran actors in its line-up. Yun Ju-sang played Choi Chun-sool, the grandfather of Choi Yeon-kyung who runs his tiny clinic Haeminseo, and Kim Myung-gon acted as Ma Sung-tae, the grandfather of Yoo Jae-ha who runs the Eastern hospital. Other notable characters are Heo Jun, who is played by Um Hyo-sup, and Director Shin, who is played by Ahn Suk-hwan, who also acted because of the Minister of War within the Joseon era.

“Live Up to Your Name” Soundtrack

As the series mixes the past and modern eras, the soundtrack of “Live Up to Your Name” is crammed with both uplifting and melancholic tracks. The primary song of the “Live Up to Your Name” soundtrack is “Here I’m”, by Min Kyung-hoon. The song intro already stirs the listeners’ spirits as the guitar blared together with Min Kyung-hoon’s powerful voice. On the other hand, “Here I Am” tells about one’s journey to a distinct world and their eagerness to remain with an individual they meet in this world.

The second track is “Always”, by former SISTAR member Hyorin. Already recognized for her soundtrack songs in dramas likeYou Who Came From The Star, Master’s Sun, and Uncontrollably Fond, now Hyorin lends her voice to sing one in all the songs of the “Live Up to Your Name” soundtrack. “Always” may be a ballad that tells about the lovers’ loyal promises to every other, whether or not they’re separated.

Another love song is “Not Gonna Wait” by Park Jae-jung. The mid-tempo song has melodies cherish Coldplay songs, while the lyrics tell about one’s longing and desperation toward their lover. Other songs are The Barbarettes’s “Beauty Queen” and “Car”, the Garden’s “Dream or Reality.”

10 Reasons Why you must Give Live Up to Your Name A Try

  1. “Live Up to Your Name” is made by Studio Dragon, a well known production company in South Korea

Their previous works include popular television dramas like “The K2” (played by Ji Chang-wook, Song Yoo-na, and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona), “Goblin” (played by Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, and Yoo In-na), “Voice” (played by Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha-na), “Tomorrow With You” (played by Shin Min-ah and Lee Je-hoon), and plenty of more.

  1. The director of “Live Up to Your Name”, Hong Jong-chan, is an experienced director

His previous works include “Dear My Friends” (2016), moreover, because the subsequent works “Life” (2018) and “Her Private Life” (2019), and are considered hit dramas aired in South Korea’s cable broadcasts. On the opposite hand, the scriptwriter, Kim Eun-hee, who shared the identical name because the veteran screenwriter, could be a rookie writer whose work can’t be underestimated, as she is in a position to provide a heart-gripping series like “Live Up to Your Name”. Certainly, you can’t miss watching such an honest series!

  1. Just like his role within the movie The Pirates, Kim Nam-gil is in a position to showcase a dynamic character embodied in Heo Im

At first, the viewers thought that Heo Im could be a typical hero with a good character, as he treats poor people heartily. However, we will see another side of Heo Im who is secretly greedy for wealth, which is caused by his unfortunate background within the past.

  1. Despite his contrasting characteristics, Heo Im includes a humane side and he truly loves healing people

Notably, Heo Im doesn’t only treat his own people but also animals (pig), Japanese colonists, and foreigners (illegal immigrants), proving that he’s just a physician who heals without seeing his patients’ backgrounds.

  1. Another main lead Choi Yeon-kyung who is played by Kim Ah-joong could be a rational woman and has no-nonsense act

She could be a highly principled doctor who is respected by her fellows within the hospital. In addition, Choi Yeon-kyung often relieves her stress by visiting a club at nighttime, which can be seen because of the enchanting nature of hers.

  1. Though seen as an independent heroine throughout the series, Choi Yeon-kyung actually repressed her emotions thanks to a major event within the past

As a result, she frequently faces her trauma whenever seeing anything that triggers her past memory that has been long forgotten. The viewers of Live Up to Your Name are unquestionably inquisitive about Yeon-kyung’s past ordeal.

  1. Besides Heo Im, another real-life figure, Heo Jun, is included in “Live Up to Your Name”

He was a renowned Joseon physician who has been depicted in various television series and films in South Korea. During this drama, Heo Jun is portrayed as a court physician who becomes the bridge between Heo Im and Choi Yeon-kyung.

  1. The patients in “Live Up to Your Name” don’t seem to be merely extras who have tiny roles, as their existence is important for the plot

Yoon Yi, Oh Ha-ra, Sayaga, the grandmas visiting the Haeminseo clinic, the illegal immigrants and therefore the homeless men are linkages that touch the flow of the story because the viewers are able to see other sides of Heo Im and Choi Yeon-kyung through the treatments given by them as doctors. These heart-warming scenes will cause you to smile as these characters receive the simplest healing ever.

  1. The role of Yoo Jae-ha, which is played by Yoo Min-kyu, isn’t entirely antagonistic towards Heo Im

His reason to envy Heo Im is completely understandable as he’s constantly underestimated by his grandfather, Director Ma, who supported Heo Im as a very important figure in their hospital. Additionally, Jae-ha’s dislike towards Heo Im increased as he saw how the Joseon man was near his longtime crush, Yeon-kyung. Eventually, the connection between Jae-ha and Heo Im is neutral as they’re able to tolerate each other’s existence.

  1. Actuality villain of “Live Up to Your name” is none aside from Director Ma, played by veteran actor Kim Myung-gon

His existence isn’t only needed for the story to be more interesting, but also required to form Heo Im revisit to his senses as a physician. Rather than guiding him, Director Ma awakens Heo Im’s rightful principles by showing the posh and benefit that he will get if he abides by Director Ma’s rule to only heal the VIP patients in his hospital.

Overall, Live Up to Your Name may be a time-travel drama with a medical aspect that may keep you in your seat. For people who are terrified of seeing blood or are unacquainted with medical terms, you shouldn’t worry because the drama will mention those topics lightly. Moreover, Kim Nam-gil and Kim Ah-joong’s romance within the drama is developed rather well from mere strangers coming from two different worlds to acquaintances who fall infatuated with each other’s natural charms. Arguably speaking, Live Up to Your Name is one of the foremost underrated dramas in 2017 that several people must watch.

“Live Up to Your Name” Ratings

Aired for the primary time on August 12th, 2017, Live Up to Your Name began fairly stable in its ratings. supported TNmS Ratings and AGB Nielsen, rock bottom rating of Live Up to Your Name is around 2.715–3.2% on its pilot episode, whereas the drama’s highest rating on its final episode is around 6.907–7.888%. The rising noticeably occurred in each episode because the plot moves onward, hence the high ratings. On average, Live Up to Your Name’s ratings are around 4.502–6.047% in both nationwide and Seoul area scale.

“Live Up to Your Name” Season 2

“Live Up to Your Name” may be a 2017 historical time-travel South Korean television series. It brings Heo Im (a man of science from the Joseon Dynasty portrayed by Kim Nam-gil) to present-day Seoul, where he meets the surgeon, Choi Yeon-kyung (Kim Ah-joong). The series marks Kim Nam-gil‘s small screen comeback after four years. It aired on tvN from August 12th to October 1st, 2017, at 21:00 (KST). Its final episode recorded a 6.907% nationwide audience share in step with Nielsen paid platform making the episode one in all the highest-rated in Korean cable television history.

After the success in 2017, many viewers demand a second season for the drama. Even three years after the drama has ended, people still speak about Live Up to Your Name on social media.

“I’ve just finished the drama and now I would like season 2!! You can’t just leave mak gae and jae ha like that… you created me and began to ship them.. now i demand for a 2nd season!”

“I need season 2 please. I just love this series we’ve to seek out what’s next”

With that much demand from the viewers, per this written, there’s still no official information from the assembly house that there would be a second season of “Live Up to Your Name”. But maybe if the demand continues to be high, there would be an opportunity for a second season.

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