K-Drama Review: Legend of the Blue Sea

K-Drama Review: Legend of the Blue Sea. The couples of this drama will make you feel excited!

“Legend of the Blue Sea” tells the story of a mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun) who goes to Seoul to seek out the human man (Lee Min Ho) she loves. As she tries to regulate life ashore, the 2 begin a romantic relationship. You can see full of this drama here.

The story of Legend of the Blue Sea

“Legend of the Blue Sea” was an amazing drama! It’s a good-looking story there with a twist of fantasy. Romance, humor, and drama together with a beautiful couple that has many obstacles to beat on their journey to happiness make this a beautiful drama.

The drama follows two storylines, one within the modern time and one within the Joseon era. We come back to the historical portion to be told the real story of our characters. within the past, the romance of the human, Dam Ryung, and also the mermaid, Se Hwa, unfolds bit by bit throughout the drama. the most story is about within the present where their modern-day selves reunite and start their romance again.

Main Characters

Jun Ji Hyun plays our mermaid Sim Chung. Sim Chung encompasses a fun innocence to her. Adjusting to life onto land is kind of hilarious with everything being so new and strange. Jun Ji Hyun was very funny in her portrayal of Sim Chung. I also really enjoyed Sim Chung’s dedication and love for Heo Joon. She loves him plain and easy.

I did have a pair of minor issues though. Sometimes I felt like Jun Ji Hyun was trying too hard to be funny which pulled me out of the drama. This wasn’t all of the time though. the opposite thing was that Sim Chung as a personality has such an innocence to her whereas Jun Ji Hyun incorporates a more mature presence as a full. She just didn’t seem to completely fit that.

But again, these were minor issues. And because the drama progresses, her character matures and becomes more serious which I felt was an improved fit. So I ended up really enjoying her character as a full.

We then have Lee Min Ho because of the conman Heo Joon Jae. and that I really loved him during this role! Lee Min Ho just has this presence and charisma that produces him shine in dramas. I particularly liked him as Joon Jae since he got to show many alternative sides of himself. He’s very lively and it had been such a lot of fun watching him reluctantly fall smitten with Sim Chung.

He also gets many opportunities to indicate off his dramatic side. within the past, he’s filled with intensity. within the present, he starts off as a somewhat immature, but kindhearted conman. He made me smile most along with his funny expressions and lively personality.

But then he completely drew me in together with his emotional portrayal of Joon Jae. Joon Jae faces such a large amount of difficult and heartbreaking moments. My heart just went dead set him. And Lee Min Ho always has this ability to drag me into his character’s feelings to such a deep degree. I used to be impressed all over again with this role.

We have Joon Jae’s fellow conman friends Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) and Tae Oh (Shin Won Ho). Nam Doo loves money and is often on the lookout for his next big scam. Tae Oh is that the quiet one with a talent for all things technology-related. He also sports an adorable pouty face.

Lee Ji Hoon plays Joon Jae’s stepbrother Chi Hyun. He’s been at odds with Joon Jae from the start, and he’s a noteworthy character on many levels. i used to be very happy with Lee Ji Hoon’s portrayal of him.

Shi Ah (Shin Hye Sun) is that the other woman in Joon Jae’s life. She’s been an honest friend for an extended time, but she wants to be more. Luckily, this is often a case where our main lead has zero interest in the therein form of thing.

Of course, we’ve our villains to cause trouble for our lovers. Joon Jae’s stepmother (Hwang Shin Hye) could be a force to be reckoned with as is Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) who causes problems for our lovers in both the past and therefore the present.

“Legend of the Blue Sea” Review

I really adored the historical portion of the drama. while it only got about 10 minutes per episode, the story felt so rich and full. The romance was also very tangible between Dam Ryung and Se Hwa.

I loved Dam Ryung’s passion for Se Hwa. the planet always gave the impression to be against them, and he would stop at nothing to guard her against those that wanted to harm her. Their story was beautifully tragic with a richness and fullness that had me glued to the screen. I used to be completely swept up in their romance.

Luckily, their beautiful story continues within the present. I loved Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun as a pair. they’re what makes this drama shine. I adored all of their interactions from Joon Jae’s humorous reactions to Chung, his falling for her, and also the lovely romance between the 2.

What starts as more humorous relationship blossoms into a zealous love. I greatly enjoyed watching Joon Jae fall deeper and deeper loving with Chung. Then as their modern-day lives begin to parallel their past lives, the stakes get higher between the 2, including their devotion to every other.

This couple just made me happy on such a large amount of levels. There’s just something a few fated story like theirs that hits all the correct spots. they’re definitely everything i really like in a very romance drama.

In the half of the drama, I personally found most of the opposite parts of the drama to air the mediocre side. Nothing bad, just not very engaging. i used to be also pretty neutral towards all of the opposite characters. the most plot is additionally pretty slow to urge going. Luckily, I enjoyed the developing romance most that this didn’t really bother me.

But things greatly improve on all fronts within the half. The plot thickens with the stakes being raised and secrets setting out. I also warmed up to many of the supporting characters which made me more curious about their story lines. The romance also deepens during now period. All of this comes together to deliver plenty of drama and tension that I just loved.

Legend of the Blue Sea pulled me in with the romance and set it up beautifully. That was enough to hold me through a number of the slower parts. Then the drama just gets better and better with every aspect of it improving along the way.

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun made such a stunning couple, and that i completely enjoyed their past and present love stories that was stuffed with laughter, heartache, and romance. Legend of the Blue Sea is solely a stunning story.

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