K-Drama Review: I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

K-Drama Review: I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street. That drama will make you feel excited!

“I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street” is about a couple of struggling contract workers (Kim Ga Eun) who wants to show her awful manager a lesson and accidentally winds up thinking she killed the highest star Joon Hyuk (Sung Hoon).

To hide her crime, she prepares to induce obviate the body, but to her surprise, he’s still alive! She then needs to keep him held hostage and goes to humorous lengths to avoid getting caught.

Main characters in “I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street”

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

Kim Ga Eun plays the almost-killer Lee Yeon Seo. Life’s been tough for her, and things aggravate when she almost kills a star. Her life then revolves around keeping him hostage so she won’t get caught.

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

Sung Hoon is that the top star Kang Joon Hyuk. He’s widely loved by his fans, but he’s really a touch obnoxious. His life gets turned the other way up when he gets kidnapped by Yeon Seo and is left trying to search out the way to flee her apartment.

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

Finally, we’ve got Kim Jong Hoon as Nak Goo who is Yeon Seo’s neighbor. He finally ends up humorously oblivious to Yeon Seo’s shenanigans with Joon Hyuk and slowly becomes more deeply involved in everything.

Plot of drama

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

“I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street” is certainly a remarkable watch! This is often the sort of drama that’s definitely not for everybody, so I’ll try and highlight belongings you should remember before diving into a drama like this.

Of course, the humor is on the dark side being centered around a lady thinking she killed someone, springing up with plans to cover her crime, discovering he’s actually alive, and so deciding to carry him hostage. It appears like the makings of a thriller! But no, this is often all played for fun. So if you don’t like humor involving death, crimes, and heavy subjects, this could not click with you.

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

This drama is additionally the definition of a check your brain at the door reasonably drama. matters are absurd as is most of the plot. Practically everything that happens is totally unrealistic, and plenty of people are going to be rolling their eyes in the slightest degree of the convenient plot devices. you actually just need to set your expectations from the get-go then come with the flow with this sort of series.

Much of the humor revolves around Yeon Seo trying to stay Jung Hyuk hidden in addition to his futile attempts to flee. His inability to flee isn’t particularly believable nor are several reasons he doesn’t always try so hard to flee.

The drama is kind of light-hearted despite its dark humor. due to this, we are presupposed to feel reasonably bad for our almost murderer/kidnapper Yeon Seo. She’s got her own sad story and many struggles.

Despite being a comedy and her story being said, I didn’t feel that bad for her though. although everything is so silly, it absolutely was still quite hard for my brain to reconcile all of the bad things she did to Jung Hyuk compared together with her actual motivations and narrative.

With that being said, I still liked the drama. I prefer crazy situations and humor, and this definitely fits that bill. I actually love Kim Ga Eun, and she or he was great during this role. this is often also my favorite role of Sung Hoon. He was very entertaining here, and that I really got a kick out of all of his reactions to Yeon Seo and his situation.

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

While the primary 1/2 the drama is more sort of a dark comedy, the last half feels more sort of a rom-com thriller. We see a developing romance between Yeon Seo and Jung Hyuk, a love triangle, and that we even have a villain adding a touch of suspense to the combination. it had been a remarkable change within the overall dynamic, and you’ll just forget that crazy time that Yeon Seo was holding Jung Hyuk hostage!

“I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street” may involve dark humor, but it’s light and silly. I liked the comedy, but it had been a touch repetitive, and that I didn’t really compassionate our heroine’s plight. It’s a simple watch though with only 10 episodes too. This one is heavily taste-dependent, so ensure you recognize what you’re stepping into before starting.

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