K-Drama Review: He is Psychometric

K-Drama Review: He is Psychometric. That will make you express with the cast of this drama

He is Psychometric is a about of man (Jinyoung) who can read the secrets of individuals by touching their skin that meets a girl (Shin Ye Eun) who is trying to cover her own deep secrets. They group to unravel a mystery surrounding a hearth that changed both of their lives after they were young.

Finally! A drama that hooked me from the primary episode. “He is Psychometric” starts off strong by introducing a mystery surrounding the tragic death of Lee Ahn’s parents because of a fireplace. We then quickly move to this where we’ve got to briefly fits things, but it doesn’t take long once Lee Ahn meets Jae In.

Main characters in He is Psychometric

Jinyoung plays Lee Ahn who develops the flexibility to read other people’s secrets by touching them. But he struggles to harness his ability and make it useful. Eventually, he meets a woman named Jae In who not only captures his interest but gives him the push to figure on his abilities.

Shin Ye Eun is Yoon Jae In. She is connected to Ahn through the identical incident from their childhood. This incident has caused her lots of heartache in life that she has fought hard to beat and eventually led her to become a policeman.

Kim Kwon plays Kang Sung Mo. he’s a prosecutor and an older brother figure to Ahn after saving him from the hearth as a baby. there’s some mystery around him though on what happened with him within the past leading up to the hearth and what he’s doing about it within the present.

And then there’s Kim Da Som as Eun Ji Soo. She may be a very moral and passionate investigator who likes to urge Ahn’s help when solving crimes while he frequently gets things wrong. She also has feelings for Sung Mo.

The story of He is Psychometric

“He is Psychometric” is that exact mixture of elements i really like. there’s a pleasant romantic side to the show that’s very sweet and fun, then again there’s the most crime element that’s much darker and was quite serious. And it gets more serious because the drama progresses. This show may initially come off as a lighter crime drama, but it explores some pretty dark subjects, particularly in a while.

The show did a wonderful job by having a awfully intriguing mystery included from the very beginning. It then expanded the mystery through flashbacks that included more information and present day investigations. It carefully peeled back the layers to everything that happened leading up to the fireplace that changed everyone’s lives.

This drama is that the definition of a serialized crime drama with all of the crimes addressed tying into the most mystery. It makes every investigation feel relevant to our characters and their story. And that’s exactly how i favor my crime dramas!

The show had fantastic pacing, and it got more suspenseful because it went which really kept me interested. there have been quite an few “aha” type moments further as some great cliffhangers. Everything was really laid out so well.

I thought Ahn’s ability to read others and even objects was presented in a stimulating way. He must practice using it so as to urge better at it. This becomes crucial throughout the drama. I also found it interesting that his ability was known by many folks right from the start of the drama.

His core circle of friends all realize it. repeatedly a capability like this is able to be an enormous secret, but that wasn’t used as a giant plot point. Although secrets are always fun, during this case, i feel it had been done nicely to not detract an excessive amount of from the most mystery.

On the romance side, Ahn and Jae In are a good couple. i really like seeing a romantic pairing group to resolve a mystery, and that’s what we got with this duo. It takes them a touch of practice, but they eventually become a fairly good detective team. Their banter back and forth is additionally quite entertaining.

Of course, the central mystery that affects them both is that the main thing they’re trying to unravel. Despite having feelings for Ahn, Jae In is incredibly hesitant for an extended while to let him are available contact together with her and skim her secrets. Watching her slowly let him in was very touching.

They do should face some serious issues concerning their connection to every other though. a number of it’s very difficult for them to address, and that they should take a tough examine whether or not their feelings for every other are stronger than their past.

But as they grow closer, we get a awfully sweet romance between two those that try to beat their past hurts. Their relationship developments felt very natural as they blossomed into a really loving couple. They were such a decent team!

Sung Mo is additionally a awfully interesting character. He’s one that you’re unsure what to create of initially, but learning about his story was both surprising and quite sad. a bit like the mystery as a full, his story must be peeled back layer by layer to reveal the larger picture. which picture is incredibly disturbing.

Major ending spoilers below

So within the end, it clothed that Sung Mo was the one who set the hearth and murdered those people. He did it to safeguard his mother and himself who had spent years running from his terrible father after he had held them prisoner and chained up in a very basement for several years prior.

About a third of the way through the drama, I began to wonder if it had been Sung Mo who started the fireplace instead of his father. He had been taking care of Ahn and Jae In since it happened. The implication was that he did it due to guilt that his father set the hearth. But it had been also plausible that he set it himself. I knew it could go either way, but i assumed it’d be really interesting if it absolutely was Sung Mo. And it was.

I was actually pretty satisfied that the drama went this direction. You don’t see a significant character ultimately being guilty of something so terrible that usually (plus they really killed off another major character, poor Ji Soo). And as awful as what Sung Mo did was, the story did well at exploring the explanations that he did such things and went pretty full along with his character.

It was quite tragic to determine play out, especially as Ahn and Jae In had to cope with the truth that somebody they found to for saving them was actually the explanation for their tragedy, but Sung Mo being the cause was very fitting. and everybody coped thereupon realization as best as they good. i assumed the ending for the characters was very appropriate.

End of spoilers

“He is Psychometric” clad to be an exquisite watch. the combo of mystery/crime and romantic elements blended together nicely to form a sort of story that i actually love. Add in solid characters, good pacing, and a suspense element that built because the show went, he’s Psychometric was completely enjoyable all around. i actually wish there have been more dramas out there that accomplished this mixture so well.

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