K-Drama Review: Great Seducer

K-Drama Review: Great Seducer. That drama makes viewers feel excited and interested in the couples!

“Great Seducer” (also referred to as Tempted) is a couple of dangerous love games that ensues when a womanizing have (Woo Do Hwan) who finds himself in a very bad situation takes up a bet to seduce a virtuous woman (Joy) who is respected and seen as a task model.

Main Characters

Woo Do Hwan plays our great seducer Kwon Shi Hyun. Shi Hyun may be a playboy with no guilt towards the various women he hooks up with. So when he takes a bet to seduce a lady, he has no qualms about his ability to try to do so. Of course, little does he know that he’s on the brink of fall deep smitten and find himself in an exceeding prison of lies.

Joy is Eun Tae Hee, the target of Shi Hyun’s seduction. She’s kind and likes to volunteer to assist others. She doesn’t really get into the dating. Unaware of Shi Hyun’s intentions, she initially fends off his advances, but soon she finds herself drawn to him and developing feelings she has never felt before.

I will mention that I’m aware that plenty of individuals disagree with Joy’s acting, but I don’t find it that problematic. I believe it’s adequate, and he or she comes off very sweet. Nothing to urge too excited about, but it certainly doesn’t bother me. Besides, there are much bigger things than that to require issues concerning this drama. More on it later.

Now we’ve Shi Hyun’s friends. First is Moon Ga Young as Choi Soo Ji. She’s spoiled, entitled, and doesn’t hesitate to try and do what she wants whether or not it means ruining other people’s lives. I never really visited liking her and located her obnoxious, but I understood her motives and attachment to Shi Hyun. She was pretty dysfunctional as a full, in order that created lots of drama.

The third leg of our friends is Lee Se Joo who is played by Kim Min Jae. He’s an outgoing and free-spirited guy who also falls within the playboy camp. But he has long harbored feelings for Soo Ji and has frequently felt a small amount disregarded.

The plot of “Great Seducer”

Where to begin with this drama? it had been reasonably everywhere the place and had plenty of problems. I still thought it had been a good watch, and that I think it did merely enough right to satisfy my preferences to balance out all the not-so-good. But there really was lots of not so good!

First, the negatives. The execution of the drama felt extremely messy. it had been preferring it wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. I tend to essentially love soapy stories like this, but it just didn’t go enough ahead of time. It tried to be angsty every now and then, but it absolutely was evident it had been trying, and it just lacked that punch. Sometimes it felt sort of a melo while other times it felt sort of a rom-com.

The editing of the drama was sloppy as was the writing. Characters flip flop everywhere the place concerning their emotions that might sometimes change in an immediate. They were inconsistent and this resulted in a lack of proper development. Also, there are many breakups and make-ups.

I didn’t look after any of the stories surrounding the supporting characters and side plots. That was all just uninteresting and boring to me. None of these elements were appealing, and that they took up more screen time than necessary. These plot threads do become increasingly important because the drama goes along though. I just felt prefer it overtook too much of the story.

I was also really disappointed with the actual seduction aspect of the drama. the full point of the story was purported to be about Shi Hyun’s seducing Tae Hee and also the mountains of conflict that come with it. But he actually falls for her pretty quickly which really sucked the air out of the seduction balloon of building tension of her falling for him while he plays her. We just have to be compelled to the part where he likes her too quickly.

Tae Hee falls for him super fast too which just cemented killing off the seduction part. Of course, there are still many lies between them able to cause problems down the road, but I just felt just like the timeline and execution of events wasn’t so great. It made it transform into a more regular rom/com/melo pretty fast.

So with all of those negatives, what did I like? Although I didn’t love the execution, my soft spot for deception-type stories where someone falls for his or her target helped me like this one okay. i favor the added complications it adds. Plus, it did still have that general soapiness to that.

The conflict between Shi Hyun and his friends was interesting. they’re each other’s worlds and have a special bond. But as Shi Hyun grows closer to Tae Hee, he begins to seriously change. This creates major division within the group that just continues to spiral downward as they find themselves at odds and therefore the friendship falls apart. They mostly deserve everything that involves them, but they are doing each has their own issues and struggles that make a touching of empathy…just a bit.

Shi Hyun and Tae Hee weren’t swoony, but that they had a cute relationship especially when the drama veered into the more rom-com moments. Eventually, we do get a number of that nice angsty regret on Shi Hyun’s part while Tae Hee remains very sweet and dedicated to him which makes him realize even more what a scummy thing he has done. So I liked the emotions that came thereupon aspect of the story.

I noticed some people comparing this drama to The Heirs. On one hand, it’s similar therein it’s an angsty story involving spoiled rich teens. If you disliked The Heirs, the possibility of you disliking this one is perhaps high. Now I actually loved The Heirs, but I assumed it had been such a lot better than Great Seducer in every way. I feel The Heirs nailed it’s a genre as far as teen melodramas go. Whether or not you liked the characters and therefore the angsty cliche games they played, it absolutely was executed well.

Not most with Great Seducer. It greatly lacked within the execution including the story, characters, and tone. But my like of this kind of genre and story is that the main reason why I stuck around for a nice Seducer and was still able to find some things to love about it. Things also get super angsty at the top as all the secrets really extend and that we get some payoff. I definitely liked that!

So yeah, Great Seducer was a small amount of a large number. It had simply enough things that I enjoyed to form it an okay watch, but there sure was plenty I didn’t take care of. My recommendation would be to look at this drama at your own risk as there’s no telling what results in you’ll get.

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