K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun

K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun. The drama is extremely popular in Asia and around the world, helps the cast achieve success 

Descendants of the Sun tells the story of a Special Forces captain (Song Joong Ki) and a doctor (Song Hye Kyo) who fall smitten while providing aid in a very country addressing a natural disaster and civil strife.

“Descendants of the Sun” was a highly anticipated drama for 2016. We have got a star couple in Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. And everybody was eagerly awaiting the drama since it absolutely was Song Joong Ki’s return project after being discharged from the military. The drama boasted an infinite budget, gorgeous cinematography, and prime-quality camera work.

And “Descendants of the Sun” burst onto the scene and took the drama world by storm. With amazing ratings and global popularity, the drama lived up to the anticipation and definitely left its mark.

While it’s not the simplest drama I’ve ever seen, it really is an awesome drama. I actually enjoyed that much of it had been set within the fictional country of Urk. Our soldiers and doctors are close to producing aid while addressing danger and navigating their way through relationships.

Main characters in “Descendants of the Sun”

Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong Ki brings to life the character of Yoo Shi Jin. With smoldering looks, a captivating personality, and unwavering bravery, our hero was easy to love. He contains a boyish charm yet still achieves being a more manly soldier. I mean, how you’ll say no to the present face?

Descendants of the Sun

Song Hye Kyo makes up the opposite 1/2 our star couple playing Dr. Kang Mo Yeon. She’s beautiful, independent, and speaks her mind. Her world becomes plenty more complicated when she is inexplicably drawn to Shi Jin. She tries to drag off from him thanks to his dangerous job but finds herself unable to fight the attraction.

Descendants of the Sun

Something pretty unique about our main few Shi Jin and Mo Yeon is that they’re very no-nonsense and to the purpose. they’re very direct with what they’re feeling and what they need. My only complaint is that sometimes they came off as a small amount robotic due to just how straightforward they were. But except for that, I assumed their chemistry was fantastic, and that I was always glued to the screen during their encounters.

Jin Goo completely fit the part of Shi Jin’s closest friend and more solid Seo Dae Young. He’s even as brave and self-sacrificing. His personality was a touch stiff and closed off for my tastes. It prevented me from really connecting with him. But I enjoyed those moments where he let his walls down, and that we get to work out his lighter side.

Kim Ji Won plays army surgeon Yoon Myung Joo. She features a little bit of a rocky relationship with Mo Yeon, but I enjoyed the progression of the girl’s relationship. Myung Joo may be a tough girl who faces her share of danger. She also knows what she wants and won’t surrender to the person she loves.

Dae Young and Myung Joo conjure our second couple. They need their own obstacles to beat. Myung Joo’s father disapproves of the connection, and that they have spent plenty of your time apart. But they’re able to reconnect in Urk and their relationship blossoms again. It’s not a straightforward relationship, but there’s never any question that these two really love one another.

Of course, we also get the bromance between Shi Jin and Dae Young. These guys are thick and thin together and would do anything for the opposite one. I actually enjoyed the camaraderie between these two.

A particularly popular supporting character was that of Kim Gi Bum played by Kim Min Suk. Early within the drama, he’s taken under the wing of Dae Young and given the chance of more robust life. it absolutely was nice to determine his development moreover as his relationship with Dae Young.

One of the story arcs I actually enjoyed involved Onew within the role of Dr. Lee Chi Hoon. He’s a carefree type who is sure a harsh dose of reality in Urk. He goes through a lot when faced with the shortcoming to avoid wasting patients. But when faced together with his own fears and humanity, he questions his role as a doctor. I found his story extremely moving.

The main villain within the drama is David Agus (David McInnis). Once an exponent and comrade of Shi Jin, they find themselves pitted directly against one another. Overall, there’s lots of English utilized in the drama, and a decent chunk of it comes from this guy. While I believed his acting was decent, and he had lots of fun bad-guy cockiness, most of his lines were so cheesy! after all, the employment of English in Korean dramas is usually on the cheesy side. I got such a lot of laughs out of this character, especially when it absolutely was speculated to be very serious. But withal, I actually enjoyed the character overall.

There are many actions in “Descendants of the Sun”. I liked the war and relief elements which added a layer of intensity not always seen in dramas. One disaster after another befalls our heroes. It gives plenty of opportunities for them to draw closer together while keeping the audience on the sting of their seats.

Descendants of the Sun

Ending spoilers below

I felt the drama did lose a small amount of steam in those previous few episodes when everyone returns to Korea. But there have been still lots of troubles awaiting them and challenges to be faced, so I still found it interesting.

As for the ending, I loved it. Everything is engaged during a nice bow with happy endings for Shi Jin and Mo Yeon further as Dae Young and Myung Joo. All supporting characters led to an honest place too.

And I absolutely loved the last scene where all of the soldiers and doctors attend a marriage in Canada. Chi Hoon interrupts the scene to handle the audience asking if we all enjoyed the happy ending where love triumphed. Then the lights move out, and everybody wonders what’s happening. We then learn a volcano has erupted! Everyone immediately prepares for action as our team has another mission and more lives to save lots of.

Descendants of the Sun

The drama never took itself too seriously, so I actually enjoyed the little bit of fun at the tip. most significantly, we did get a contented ending. And even with the volcano eruption, it felt like our team of doctors and soldiers were right where they needed to be, together and prepared to assist. it had been all very fitting.

“Descendants of the Sun” was a pleasant change of pace because of the setting, army elements, and also the wide selection of difficulties our characters face. It had many actions, melodrama, and a pleasant dose of humor on the side. I actually enjoyed Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo as a pair and going to experience their trial-filled story was wonderful. “Descendants of the Sun” could be a drama that many will likely be remembered for a protracted time to return.

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