K-Drama Review: Bride of the Water Habaek

K-Drama Review: Bride of the Water Habaek. That drama will show the cast popular: Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Krystal, and more

Bride of the Water Habaek is a couple of Water God (Nam Joo Hyuk) who must attend the human world to recover magical stones in order that he can become king. He locates his servant (Shin Se Kyung) whose family is cursed to serve him for eternity. the 2 encounter many challenges on the explore for the stones including interference from several other gods also as addressing their growing feelings for every other.

The main characters in “Bride of the Water Habaek”

Nam Joo Hyuk plays our Water God Habaek who is spoiled and entitled. He dislikes having to travel the human world and easily wants to assert his throne by finding the stones and obtain out of there as soon as possible.

His character is additionally quite sort of a robot being pretty emotionless unless he gets angry. This works well for deadpan style humor together with his reactions to the human world. But sadly, he just about stays this fashion for the whole of the drama. i used to be really hoping to work out him develop more emotionally, and that we just don’t get that. There’s a bit bit toward the very end, but it absolutely was never anything particularly dramatic. I still enjoyed Nam Joo Hyuk though!

Shin Se Kyung is Yoon So Ah. She’s a psychiatrist whose family has had to serve the Water God for generations. She’s a form person, but she tries to cover it. She’s also not very proud of her life. And when she first meets Habaek she thinks he’s delusional. It made the link entertaining of course.

I love Shin Se Kyung so much! While this isn’t one among the most effective written characters, she brought her usual charm that made So Ah very likable. Her comedic timing is great, and he or she really delivers the needed emotion at the proper times. Another great performance by Shin Se Kyung!

Im Joo Hwan plays CEO Shin. He’s the CEO of a resort and takes an interest in So Ah. He’s far and away the foremost intriguing and well developed character within the drama. He’s layered and his character is presented well.

Im Joo Hwan is additionally an exceptional actor who can really carry through important subtleties in a very character like this. i used to be really moved by his performance and therefore the intensity he was able to deliver.

We then have our other gods who board the human world. Bi Ryum (Gong Myung) may be a Sky God who doesn’t really get together with Habaek. Moo Ra (Krystal) is another Water God who is an actress that has very long time feelings for Habaek. This duo definitely create some problems for both Habaek so Ah. i believed Gong Myung and Krystal did well with their roles, but their characters were pretty unlikable throughout the drama.

The story of “Bride of the Water Habaek”

“Bride of the Water Habaek” is unquestionably a touch of mess, and it certainly features a lot of issues. First, the drama was pretty slow to urge going with the story. We meet our characters so the narrative style of wanders around for the primary quarter of the drama without much plot advancement. The story developments then barely start to trickle in, but they’re few and much between.

The drama doesn’t really gain a robust direction on wear it wants to travel until over halfway through. It withholds much of the backstory from the audience for a lot too long. Keeping some mystery is sweet, but you would like to provide your audience something. I felt like there was this great story dying to be told, but it just couldn’t quite comprehend out there. Then we get more of an info dump within the previous few episodes. It’s a protracted road to urge there, but things do close quite nicely within the end.

But on the plus side, i finally appeared to just get comfortable with the drama despite its shortcomings. I liked the characters and therefore the world that it had created. Mind you the planet development is truly not that great either, lol. But I enjoyed what it gave me.

I really liked Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung both as individual characters so progressing to know them was fun. I also really enjoyed them together. i assumed they’d a fun bickering chemistry. If I didn’t like them most I probably would have dropped it after some episodes since the story just wasn’t doing much at that time.

But as a full, their relationship was everywhere the place, and that they took way too long to urge together. While I liked that they spend lots of your time together, the romantic developments were lacking. I did enjoy the various stages of the connection we went through, they were just slow going. But I attended prefer it more because the drama progressed, and there are quite few nice couple moments throughout.

The drama includes lots of humor mostly stemming from Habaek’s reactions and his narcissistic attitude. the start has some very entertaining moments as he tries to regulate. i actually got a kick out of the inflatable castle he called home when he first arrives within the human world.

I should also reiterate how amazing Im Joo Hwan was! I loved everything about his character, and he goes on quite difficult journey. I sympathized with him most and just longed for him to seek out peace and happiness. Im Joo Hwan was perfect for this role, and it just continues to re-enforce that he really should be getting more lead roles!

I liked the fantasy element to the story with the gods having a protracted history with one another and having magical powers. I also like the lighting tricks, especially the depiction of Habaek’s manipulation of water. Habaek gets to rescue So Ah several times so there have been quite a few scenes that utilized this effect, and that I thought they were done rather well. I also liked these scenes because they were dramatic and typically included a small amount of action moreover giving Habaek an opportunity to slowly realize his feelings for therefore Ah.

The drama as a full is additionally very gorgeous to seem at. There are such a lot of beautiful scenes including lush green scenery and rolling hills. But the imagery I loved most was from the tiny amount of your time we get to spend within the realm of the gods.

The Water World was very lovely to seem at, and that I absolutely loved the costumes and makeup on all of the characters. I found it style of torturous though because it jogged my memory that had the drama stuck to the initial webtoon, the entire thing would are during this gorgeous setting. it had been seriously impressive to seem at.

So “Bride of the Water Habaek” could be a bit everywhere the place in terms of things it does right and things it does wrong. it’s many glaring issues, but it also has things that are very enjoyable. Your enjoyment of this drama will heavily depend upon if you’re feeling the great outweighs the bad. I personally found it an honest watch, but it could are most more.

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