Jisoo in “Snowdrop” is extremely distressing with the first movie

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) in “Snowdrop” is so pitiful, what’s wrong with being in love but being threatened with shooting and killing?

The idea that Snowdrop may be a romantic and poetic movie title revolving around the love of Young Ro (Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In), but truly this can be a disguised “backward-heart” movie title. . because the first movie title that Jisoo starred in, but not yet halfway through, the feminine lead Young Ro was tortured for “landing within the field”.

First love is just too tragic, falling infatuated with someone you should not love

Young Ro has fallen taken with with Soo Ho since the primary meeting. However, after the identities of the 2 were revealed, the likelihood of the 2 becoming a pair was extremely slim. Our heroine is that the daughter of the Director of the Ministry of Security in Korea, while the male lead is that the son of the Director of the Northern Alliance Department in North Korea. Not only is love forbidden across borders, but the 2 families also are adversaries, always searching for ways to bring one another down.


jisoo jung hae in

Being vilified by the full dormitory, blaming it on hiding a spy

After meeting Soo Ho again in an exceedingly bloody state, Young Ro had to beg his roommates to cover and treat Soo Ho. She also returned to the house that she had not returned to in 10 years, where Young Ro hated the foremost to induce a suit for Soo Ho. Young Ro even risked the protection of himself and his friends to assist Soo Ho to attend a celebration within the dormitory to flee. That’s why when the sorority revealed that Soo Ho was a spy, they took turns denigrating and ostracizing her.

jisoo snowdrop

jisoo jung hae in snowdrop

The only relative she cherishes is probably going to die, or perhaps be killed by her crush

Young Ro’s brother is that the only relative of Young Ro after being abandoned by his biological father and stepmother. Unexpectedly, meeting again within the dormitory may well be the last time she saw her brother. Because, while on a mission, her brother was suddenly shot and wounded by the North Korean army. and also the main suspect is none apart from the person she loves, Soo Ho.

Jisoo snowdrop

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