We have a confirmation that Ji Soo will be enlisting later this year as a public service worker. How do you think about this?

A source from his agency Keyeast stated, “He received his draft notice last December. It is unrelated to the recent controversy. He will therefore enlist in October and serve as a public service worker.”

Ji Soo underwent surgery for acute osteomyelitis in 2016, and this is being cited as the reason he will serve as a public service worker rather than an active-duty soldier.

Earlier this month, Ji Soo was accused of having been a perpetrator of school violence in middle school along with separate allegations of sexual harassment. In response, Ji Soo shared a handwritten letter of apology, and Keyeast later released a statement to clarify that the accusations of sexual violence with coercion were not true.

As a result of the controversy, Ji Soo was removed from KBS2’s ongoing drama “River Where the Moon Rises.” It was announced that Na In Woo will be taking over the role of Ondal starting episode 9.

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