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Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye in “Cheer Up” make viewers falling in love!

The memorable beauty of 2 women, Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye, in “Cheer Up”. Who are they? Let’s check the details about them right now!

Not only the female lead Han Ji Hyun but “Cheer Up” also has the appearance of 2 other beautiful beauties, Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye.

Cheer Up is having the appearance of many of the most beautiful boys and girls at the moment. The beauty of the female lead Han Ji Hyun is undisputed. But besides that, the two women Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye are equally memorable.

In the drama, Jang Gyu Ri plays Tae Cho Hee, a member of the cheerleading squad Theia. In the opposite direction, Jung Shin Hye takes on the role of Lee Ha Jin, the cheerleader at Hokyung University.

Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye
Jang Gyu Ri and Jung Shin Hye on “Cheer Up”
Jang Gyu Ri
Jang Gyu Ri
Jung Shin Hye
Jung Shin Hye

Not only did possessing a beautiful appearance, but the acting of the duo also received compliments. Here are some comments from netizens:

Netizens’ comments about them

  • Oh my gosh, Gyu Ri’s shocked because this movie is so good, and the visual is too good to be an actress because she’s so pretty.
  • The vice-captain is so pretty, I love her, especially when she wore a crop-top in episode 3, everyone.
  • Does the lady in the blue shirt look like Jisoo?
  • Oh my gosh, Love Playlist’s sister came to this movie, the vibe was so good I almost didn’t recognize it, the demigod saved me.
  • The lady in red in Snowdrop is so pretty in Hong Kong style.
  • She’s pretty and good at acting, can’t she give her the red shirt back to the male lead?

For those who do not know, Jang Gyu Ri is a Korean singer and actress. She used to be a member of fromis_9, a group formed through the program Idol School on Mnet in 2017. This is considered one of the most “unstable” girl groups in KPOP with scandals related to cheating. votes and blasphemy.

Jang Gyu Ri is the most popular member of the group when in addition to Idol School, she also participated in Produce 48 as well as appeared in the movie It’s okay to not be okay by Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun.

As for Jung Shin Hye, she is not a strange name to true “movie nerds”. The actress attracted attention when participating in the web drama “Love Playlist” and the hit TV project “Snowdrop” starring Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In.

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