Top 10 dramas and movies of Jang Geun Suk (Part 1)

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You must watch the top 10 dramas and movies of Jang Geun Suk (Part 1)! Are you expected to know that? Let’s discover with us!

The Jjang Actor

You guys must be acquainted with this face. Yup, it’s the Korean Hallyu Star Jang Geun Seuk! Started working as a toddler model at the age of 5, he was paving his way as top Korean actor after he was discovered by an agent. His name is best known for starring in an exceedingly few notorious Korean television dramas You’re Beautiful (2009), Marry Me, Mary (2010), Love Rain (2012) yet as other Korean top movies.

So, are you guys able to dive deep into the work history of our very own actor? If so, let’s start.

You’re Beautiful

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Now, onto the primary one!

This drama was so popular that it ought to be remade in an exceedingly Japanese version that aired in Japan in 2011 with the title Ikemen desu ne, and a Taiwanese version in 2013 with the name Fabulous Boys. Geun-seuk also played a cameo appearance in episode 8 of the Japanese version as himself.

In this drama, Jang Geun-seuk played a personality named Hwang Tae-kyung, the lead vocalist and guitarist of a fictional band called A.N.JELL and the main love interest of Park Shin-hye’s character Ko Mi-nam/Ko Mi-nyeo.

At first, Tae-kyung harbored a chilly exterior but grows softer as he begins to fall for Mi-nyeo (the woman version of Park Shin-hye). Their mutual love interest starts when Ko Mi-nyeo starts pretending to be her twin brother Ko Mi-nam and joins the band as their keyboardist.

Tae-kyung’s cold behavior isn’t irrationally. He features a troubled past, especially regarding his estranged relationship together with his mother.

A little bit about the plot:

Ko Mi-nyeo (Park Shin-hye) has lived at an orphanage together with her twin brother, Ko Mi-nam, since childhood after their father died. Years later, Mi-nam becomes a music idol and Mi-nyeo lives during a junior nun dorm to satisfy her dream of becoming a nun. One day, Mi-nam successfully auditions for and wins the “A.N Entertainment” vocal auditions to affix the musical band A.N.Jell. However, he must leave for the us so as to correct his botched cosmetic surgery. Mi-nam’s manager, Ma Hoon-yi (Kim In-kwon) approaches Mi-nyeo and requests her to pose as Mi-nam for a month till he recovers. Mi-nyeo is against it initially, but eventually agrees because the path to fame would give the twins a chance to seek out their mother. Thus, Mi-nyeo poses as her brother and joins the band A.N.Jell, where she meets the band members: the arrogant Hwang Tae-kyung (Jang Geun-suk), the gentle Kang Shin-woo (Jung Yong-hwa), and also the bubbly Jeremy (Lee Hong-gi).

At first, Tae-kyung is against Mi-nam’s addition and makes her life hard, while Shin-woo and Jeremy are friendly to her. Eventually, Tae-kyung discovers that Mi-nam may be a girl and threatens to reveal it, but Mi-nam manages to win him over. Through their interactions, Tae-kyung starts to develop feelings for Mi-nam. Shin-woo and Jeremy also develop feelings for her, although the latter thinks that Mi-nam may be a boy. As Mi-nyeo struggles to cover her secret from the media while performing with A.N.JELL, she discovers her mother’s past, which is somehow connected with Tae-kyung.

Love Rain

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Another iconic romantic drama of Jang Geun-seuk! Love Rain (Korean: 사랑비; RR: Sarangbi) could be a 2012 South Korean television series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. Set within the seventies and therefore the present day, it tells a story over two generations. It aired on KBS2 from March 26th to May 29th, 2012, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes, with each episode running for hr. Although the viewership ratings in Korea were relatively low, the drama hit mainstream success overseas and was dubbed because of the most costly Korean drama which has been presold to Japan in 2012.

Here, Jang Geun-seuk and fellow co-star SNSD’s Yoona successfully delivered great chemistry because of the cross-stared lovers were in two different sets of eras. They played double roles within the 1970s and within the 2010s era. Jang Geun-seuk played the role of Seo In-ha (1970) and Seo-joon (2012), both of whom are connected to Yoona’s role, Kim Yoon-hee (1970) and Jung Ha-na (2012). The drama has successfully led the audiences to fawn over Geun-suk and Yoona’s chemistry.

A little bit about the plot:

It’s love initially sight when Seo In-ha (Jang Geun-suk) and Kim Yoon-hee (Im Yoon-ah) meet as shy university students within the seventies. It takes time for the hesitant pair to finally voice their feelings, but circumstances beyond their control send them down different paths. In 2012, In-ha (Jung Jin-young) is now unhappily married to Baek Hye-jung, one of Yoon-hee’s former best friends. He has never gotten over his past love, and when he runs into Yoon-hee (Lee Mi-sook) after such a lot of years, the 2 reconcile and appear forward to creating up for the lost time.

In-ha’s son Seo Joon (Jang Geun-suk) could be a photographer, and he bumps into Yoon-hee’s daughter Jung Ha-na (Im Yoon-ah) accidentally. Unlike her mother, Ha-na may be a cheerful and vivacious girl, and though they initially find one another troublesome, whilst they argue, they can’t help but be drawn to every other. Gradually, their mutual feelings develop, and Joon and Ha-na fall smitten with one another.

Unaware that their children are dating one another, Seo In-ha (Jung Jin-young) and Kim Yoon-hee (Lee Mi-sook) announce that they’re getting married, which is able to make Joon and Ha-na step-siblings. As both couples handle the shock, Joon and Ha-na struggle with sacrificing their love for his or her parents’ long-aborted happiness.

Marry Me, Mary!

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Jang Geun-seuk also played a romantic duo with the Nation’s “Little Sister,” actress Moon Geun Young!

In Marry Me, Mary! (Korean: 매리는 외박중; RR: Maerineun Oebakjung; lit. Mary Stayed Out All Night), Jang Geun-seuk played the role of Kang Mu-gyul, the lead singer and guitarist of the fictional band Absolute Perfection and also Seo-joon’s ex-boyfriend. The 2010 rom-com drama also starred Kim Jae-wook and Kim Hyo-jin beside the 2 leading actors. The drama is predicated on the Daum webtoon of the identical title by writer Won Soo-yeon and aired on KBS2 from November 8th to December 28th, 2010, on the Monday and Tuesday slot at 21:55 for a complete of 16 episodes.

A little bit about the plot:

Wi Mae-ri (Moon Geun-young) may be a stubborn young lady with no dating experience. She feels like her late mother, but her hot temper comes straight from her deadbeat father (Park Sang-myun). Her father’s business failures always make trouble, but Mae-ri still loves him. Because she can’t afford college tuition, she temporarily stops attending college, and with none special skills, starts to figure odd jobs. One day, driving friends around like one amongst those jobs, she accidentally hits musician Kang Mu-gyul (Jang Geun-suk) and over a series of events, they become friends. Mae-ri’s father proposes that she marry his rich friend’s son Byun Jung-in (Kim Jae-wook) to pay off their debts. She refuses; when her father won’t let her, and of course forges the couple’s signatures on the wedding registration, she pretends to own already married Mu-gyul. rather than accepting that, her father proposes a deal: spend 100 days with both of them and afterward, she will be able to decide who she wants to marry. And from there, a love triangle forms.

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