IZ*ONE’s Sakura will no longer be a K-pop idol

no longer be a K-pop idol

Sakura Miyawaki, a member of IZ*ONE, her fans are sad that she will no longer be a K-pop idol and will return to Japan!

IZ*ONE Sakura has gained much love as the girl group also gained immense popularity in Korea. Despite the controversy over manipulated votes, IZ*ONE continued to solidify their place as one of the most popular girl groups in Korea, successfully selling large volumes of their albums.

Nevertheless, the girl group, being a project group, is nearing the end of their contracts and will stop all promotions in April of this year. There have been talks of some members extending their contract with CJ ENM, but nothing has been confirmed as to which members will continue extending their contracts.

Among the members, Sakura stated that she will no longer continue as a K-Pop idol but will be returning to Japan.

After hearing the news that Sakura will be leaving the K-Pop industry, many fans have become sad and disappointed that they will no longer be able to see the IZ*ONE member in Korea.

Netizens commented, “She’s so pretty,” “Hopefully she will be promoting in Japan, and we can see her there,” “I think she looks so much better with the Japanese idol styling,” “It matters what she wants, she might want to promote in Korea later down the line, who knows,” “Just hope she’s happy,” “I’ll be happy if she promotes in Japan and in Korea,” and “It’s sad she was part of a group that was manipulated, but I hope all the members do well, wherever they go.”

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