IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae-won and Miyawaki Sakura are reported in HYPE’s new girl group?

Kim Chaewon signs a contract with HYBE; will she and Sakura debut as HYBE’s new girl group?

IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon will greet her fans as a member of the new girl group launched by HYBE (used to be Big Hit) Labels.

Kim Chaewon

According to the exclusive report by Starnews today, Kim Chaewon recently signed a contract with HYBE. With this, Kim will join the new girl group under the HYBE-affiliated label Source Music.

For this upcoming 5-member group, 2 or 3 members of IZ*ONE will join. people who couldn’t debut as IZ*ONE but still showed impressive performance in Produce 48 also will be an element of the group.


Sakura is additionally in talks to affix this group, but the plan got pushed back thanks to difficulties in negotiations. Another member of IZ*ONE offered to be another member of this group is leaning towards that specialize in her acting career.

If this girl group is launched as planned, HYBE and Source Music will manage a lady group with the foremost IZ*ONE members. Since they don’t have a representative girl group since GFRIEND’s disbandment, expectations are rising rapidly.

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