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Iu Made Fans Unexpected With Her Sexy Charm

Recently, Singer And Actress, Iu Made Fans Unexpected With Her Sexy Charm. She Showed Off A Different Charm Instead Of Her Usual Innocent

On August 21st, IU posted a series of photos on her Instagram with the hashtag “J.estina”.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


@j.estina_official #제이에스티나 ?

Bài viết do 이지금 (@dlwlrma) chia sẻ vào

The photos on Instagram were the photos of IU as she models for the brand J.estina. In the photos, IU shows off various poses as she emits a completely different vibe, it is a new but extremely attractive beauty.

In the photos, she seems more mature as she radiates a sensual and sultry mood. Many netizens were amazed by her beauty as they comment, “Wow, she’s so beautiful” and “The makeup is perfect on her” as they admire her visuals.

The next time, Iu will be participating in the upcoming drama project. The drama called “Dream” tells the story of a motley crew of inexperienced players trying out for the Homeless World Cup, an annual international soccer event. The film’s cast includes IU, Park Seo Joon, and Lee Hyun Woo. The film is set to premiere in 2021.

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