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IU Donated Much-Needed Ice Vests To Nurses In Front Of COVID 19’s Spread

Previously, It Was Reported That IU Donated Much-Needed Ice Vests To Nurses In Front Of COVID 19’s Spread. They Are Fighting Against The Coronavirus In The Front Lines

Last month, the Korea Nurse Association (KNA) revealed that IU had donated 4,600 ice vests (100 million KRW/~84,246 USD worth) to the Korea Nurse Association through the Community Chest of Korea. The KNA announced they have delivered these vests to the nurses.

The cooling vest would definitely help the nurses in their duty when wearing the protected suit. It is designed to stabilize body temperature and makes it bearable for long hours with all the gears the front liners are wearing this summer.

The nurses who received the vest went to social media to express their gratitude to the young actress. They shared the post wearing the vest and in the caption, With all the work and the heat of the sun, we are now able to comfortably work well with the help of the cooling vest. We are very happy and thank you IU. this is something we really needed.

Even President Moon had applauded IU for her ice vest gifts and stated, I heard singer IU had donated ice vests to the nurses. I would like to ask the nurses who stand and watch over the patients to never forget that the people of our nation are by your side”.

Many netizens who have seen this heartwarming event, also commented on their joy and stated, I feel IU is such a good influence, and this is really what you call a good influence to others”.

According to reports, IU contributed almost 1.40 million USD towards charitable institutions. Last February, the singer-actress donated a large amount to the Korean Medical Association and the Good Neighbors charity. All of which is to support the country’s fight against COVID-19.

IU is now working on her upcoming film Dream with Park Seo Joon.

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