IU and Jang Kiha have been dating?!

Let’s see the details on IU and Jang Kiha’s relationship, and why they broke up

The matter of dating currently still taboo in Korea and a few artists have tried their best to cover their relationships from the general public to shield their careers and keep the fans from turning their backs against them. But others among them have also given a code about their relationships and even announced them to the general public.

IU and Jang Kiha were an example of where the artists confirmed their relationship. Why? How? When did their relationship start? We are here to share the knowledge with you, so buckle up, and let’s get started!

A Brief Introduction of IU and Jang Kiha


A famous and talented Korean singer, songwriter, and actress, Lee Ji Eun is additionally called IU. She started her career in 2008 and has had many popular songs, like auf wiedersehen, a song that became well-known for IU’s legendary 3-octave high notes, 23 where IU showed off her mature side, Pallette, where IU collaborated with G-dragon, and plenty of others. In 2018, IU also released two songs, the primary was Soulmate, featuring Zico, and BBI BBI, which topped the Korean music charts.

IU isn’t only known for her music, but also for her kindness towards others. She always separates her money to create donations to varied organizations without the media knowing about it, and really cares for her fans and staff. She’s even bought gifts for her staff to indicate her gratitude towards them for helping her all this point.

Jang Kiha

Born on February 20, 1982, Jang Kiha is understood as a Korean song writer, radio host, and actor. In 2008 he debuted with an indie band called Kiha & The Faces, and their first single was Cheap Coffee. The song was a large hit, making his band become one of the foremost popular indie rock groups in South Korea.

Around 2012, Jang Kiha becomes the host for Jang Kiha’s Great Radio on SBS Power FM, but in 2015 he decided to go away the show, to focus more on the music industry. that very same year, he debuted as an actor and played a supporting role on the daily sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3.

IU and Jang Kiha’s Relationship Details

Confirmation That IU and Jang Kiha Are Dating

After being suspected to be dating, the couple finally admitted to the relationship!

On October 8, 2015, the local print media organization, Dispatch, exposed the celebrities’ lovemaking, reporting that IU and Jang Kiha had been dating since March 2015. They found the time to determine one another, despite the busy schedule they’d. One example was when IU immediately visited see Jang Kiha after getting back from her trip to Shanghai on August 30. On September 7, IU when straight to Mapo after getting back from Hong Kong. it had been known that they spent their time together at each other’s houses.

According to Dispatch, when neither of them was busy, Jang Kiha would be the one who would visit IU, driving to Yong San along with his Hyundai i30 car. for his or her date outfits, they dressed casually, in dark-colored clothing, but they also often used masks to further protect themselves from view.

The couple’s relationship was quickly confirmed by their agency, LOEN Entertainment, through a politician statement. The agency explained, “The two people are currently dating after developing feeling for every other while exchanging discussions about music as colleagues, beginning two years ago”. They also asked the general public to support the pair, in order that the 2 could continue their relationship as musicians and colleagues together.

Despite their 11-year age gap, they’d lots to speak about with one another, especially about music. in step with Dispatch, a fan said that IU and Jang Kiha connected through music, and their relationship naturally developed into romantic feelings.

Here’s an image where IU attended Jang Kiha’s band’s concert:

The First Encounter Between IU and Jang Kiha

Here is that the expectation between IU and Jang Kiha that was caught on camera!

On one among the episodes of the KBS2 show Entertainment Weekly, which was aired on October 10, they released a tape where Jang Kiha was a DJ on a radio show and IU was the guest.

Jang Kiha started the radio session by saying, “Everyone says that after you see IU for the primary time, you’re struck by her beauty which you don’t know what to mention,” while saying that, Jang Kiha clearly looked really excited to satisfy her. IU then laughed at his comment and answered, “I guess we’ve been talking about ourselves too much”.

They continued their conversation through the broadcast, and one in every of the listeners even recognized that the 2 didn’t seem inquisitive about the listeners, at all.

Here is that the video of when IU and Jang Kiha met at the station, check it out below!

Jang Kiha’s Friend Revealed How He Helped Him and IU Date Secretly

Hong Sok Chun, a TV personality and restaurateur, shared the key of his role in Jang Kiha and IU’s relationship!

On one of the episodes of Heard It Through the Grapevine, which was aired on January 18, 2016, Hong Suk Chun confessed that he knew the couple was dating before it absolutely was confirmed on the general public. He said, “One day I got a call from Kiha, who told me that he had a fan who he wanted to eat with, but it absolutely was said they wanted it to be a quiet event, and IU also came that day.”

He continued, “We didn’t allow the other customers at the restaurant that day in order that just the 2 of them could privately eat together.” Hong Suk Chun went on to mention, “After that, we prepared a table for them over again, as well.”

“The staff at the restaurant really enjoyed it,” he commented, “I told the staff to not tell anyone and tried to create delicious food for them. I also grabbed a cab for them after they were leaving.”

IU Speaks Up About Her Relationship With Jang Kiha

On October 8, 2015, IU wrote about her relationship with Jang Kiha at the fancafe website UENA, here is what she says:

Its been almost two years since we’ve dated. I fell for him immediately after meeting him for the primary time through a radio show. he’s a boyfriend whom i’ve got lots to be told from and that i am thankful for that. We are dating like several other couple, having a decent time, fighting, getting disappointed, and feeling thankful.

I was wondering what would be an honest thanks to tell anyone about this, but my turn was taken from me, Haha. It’s sudden, but i feel I’ve have to be compelled to start a public relationship. whether or not we pretend to not notice, this space [referring to fancafe] are going to be a bit awkward for a long time, right? I’m compassionate making this happy, bustling, and cute space to it way. i’m so thankful to our UEANA who worried about me first despite that. i’m thankful and compassionate all the concerns, support and disappointment.

Although I’ve played this go in my head k times, I don’t know what to try and do. First, i will be able to just keep going about my work bravely. I hope your day isn’t hard for today thanks to me, and that i return here soon.

IU and Jang Kiha Breaking Up?!

After dating for four years, the singer and songwriter couple, IU and Jang Kiha, officially ended their relationship!

Both of their agencies, LOEN, and Dooroodooroo Entertainment, revealed the news on January 23, 2017, by saying, “The two recently broke up and have decided to stay in a very good Hoobae (Junior) and Sunbae (Senior) relationship.”

Before, the 2 of them met one another on Jang Kiha’s SBS Power FM broadcast and began their relationship in 2013. Two years later in 2015, the Korean media announced their relationship publicly.

A Truth Behind The Breakup

News of the breakup between IU and Jang Kiha made huge headlines within the Korean news!

According to the news site Soompi, the couple had already experienced plenty of relationship problems in previous months, as they broke up and arrived together again for various reasons. In the end, they finally decided to simply end their relationship. are} speculations about the couple’s breakup that have been confirmed by Jang Kiha’s agency. There are not any doubts that the rationale was that they were at all-time low points of their careers, yet with their personal life.

Perhaps one in all the most reasons why their relationship didn’t last very long was thanks to the hectic schedules that they had. the nice news is that IU and Jang Kiha already moved on from their past differences and accepted their fate. They don’t hold any grudges with one another. IU and Jang Kiha are still good friends, despite them not being a pair anymore.

IU and Jang Kiha’s Latest News and Updates


IU Prepares a private and Heartwarming Gift For Her staffer

IU was recently revealed to own been preparing a special gift for her staff!

IU is understood to point out her affection towards her staff members, whom she refers to as Team IU. She has even made pay raises and job security for the staff a part of her contract conditions along with her agencies.

The director of IU’s styling team, Seo Yeon, uploaded a post on Instagram that was a photograph of a photobook that IU, herself, had made for the staff for her tour “dlwlrma“. The director wrote on the caption, “I’ve worked with many folks in my life, but is there the other artist who captures her staff in photographs and in her heart like this? No no”.

“I thought ever since i used to be younger that I had lots of luck on the people surrounding me. They’re not folks that consider me differently after I became successful. There was a time when my staff might have/had to go away the corporate because of lack of labor, but I requested that they stick with me and promised them an income guarantee.” IU said on a broadcast.

She continued, “The reason i used to be able to work effortlessly and healthy up to now was thanks to their love.” She then says, “My staff is principled and respectful, that honestly keep me in line furthermore. Without them, it might be much harder on behalf of me on a personality’s level.”

IU Shows Her Support Towards Her relief, Yoo In Na, On a movie Setting

IU showed her support and like to her ally, Yoo In Na!

One of the workers within the industry shared a photograph of some food on February 13, 2019. The food was sent to the set of Yo In Na’s current drama, Touch Your Heart.

The photo showed various entrees, side dishes, and fruit, including soup, braised cut of beef, bulgogi, stir-fried squid, and plenty of more that were sent by IU. Here is that the picture, below:

He added that IU also sent a coffee truck to the drama set, with a photograph of her and Yoo In Na. The coffee sleeves read as, “I’m cheering on tvN drama Touch Your Heart and actress Yoo In Na, from IU”.

IU and Yoo In Na are well-known for his or her loving friendship, and consistently show support for every other.

Jang Kiha

Jang Kiha’s Band “Kiha & The Faces” Announces Their Disbandment

The indie dance orchestra has announced that they’re now not to be a band, starting next year.

Kiha & The Faces started their debut back in 2008, with Cheap Coffee. thanks to their unique type of music, they were said to own created a large change within the indie band world.

But the lead singer of the group, Jang Kiha, together with the opposite members, wrote on their personal Instagram account, “Our upcoming 5th album is Kiha & The Faces’ last one. ranging from the primary day of 2019, all six folks are going to be going our own ways.” They wrote it on October 18, 2018.

The group members wrote within the disbandment statement, “It’s already been 10 years since we released Cheap Coffee and began this band. During that point, we make a trial to always grow. we all know that the fans who love us and reading this could only feel hurt,” they continued, “Starting from today until 31 December, quite ever, we are going to have a good time along with the fans”. Here is Jang Kiha update:

On the day, 2018, Kiha & The Faces released their final album and planned to carry a concert, as well. After officially disbanding one day, all the members arrange to pursue careers as singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers, DJs, and plenty of more.

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