Recently, "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" Received Sanctions From Korea Communications Standards Commission For The Violations In The Usage Of Slander, Genitalization And Justification Of Sexual Harassment

On August 26, a meeting was conducted by Korea Communications Standards Commission's broadcasting review subcommittee (Chairman Heo Mi Sook) and announced that It's Okay To Not Be Okay complaints were submitted to the plenary session. It contains concerns of the drama that will be sanctioned - male genitalization, justification of sexual harassament, and verbal abuse. The Korea Communications Standards Commission stated, Considering that it is an expression to highlight the characters of the characters in the drama, broadcasting content that has possibly focused on the libido on non-sexual objects that symbolize the sex organs and justify sexual harassment clearly shows the lack of gender sensitivity of the production team. The excessive verbal abuse that is used in the drama that is aired during the youth viewing protection time has inevitably led to court sanctions”. If the degree of violation of regulations related to broadcasting review is severe, penalties or court sanction will be finalized at a plenary session consisting of all nine members of the review committee upon the recommendation of the subcommittee. Points will be deducted from the broadcasting evaluation conducted annually by the Korea Communications Commission if broadcasters, news reports, cable channels, and home shopping PPs are subject to fines or legal sanctions. Early in June the commission received 50 formal complaints relating about sexual harassment. The show received unfavorable criticism which led to the KSCS office. Read more: Son Ye Jin And Kang Ha Neul May Be Returning With A Historical Drama This was in relation to episode 3 of Its Okay To Not Be Okay where in the scene took place when Ko Mon Young gets inside the male dressing room and Moon Gang Tae with no upper clothes. He was changing uniforms as his shift ended. Mon Young reaches out and touches his well-defined abs and he was surprised as he quickly puts a stop to it. In another scene, Mon Young expresses in her lines that she wishes to sleep with Sang Tae. Such scenes had been the cause of some discussions in the social media which for others was a sign of sexual harassment by making it the subject of humor by the show. Other viewers find the segments to be justifiable since the characters like Mon Young have issues in regards to her personality disorder. The network and the production of tvN It's Okay To Not Be Okay have not yet responded to their side of the details from KSCS.