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It’s like brother and sister!? StrayKids Hyunjin and ITZY Yeji are similar to each other !!

Yeji and Hyunjin resemble one another. Let’s check with us below!

Yeji and Hyunjin have many commonalities, over we’d have known. The 2 JYP Entertainment’s artists were born in 2000. They need both strong facial expressions that are able to capture fans’ hearts. Both Yeji and Hyunjin have ‘Hwang’ as their surname. Due to this, not some new fans thought that they’re siblings. In fact, they do not have any blood relationship.

Recently, an acquaintance post of the two’s graduation photos has garnered attention. As you’ll see below, 2 artists do really resemble one another.

yeji and hyunjin

When the 2 stand side by side… they really appear as if one another.

yeji and hyunjin

However, fans don’t think only 2 artists resemble one another, but also GOT7’s JB and DAY6’s YoungK.

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