Itaewon class star Ahn Bo Hyun participated in a photo shoot with W Korea

Yesterday, Itaewon class star Ahn Bo Hyun participated in a photo shoot with W Korea. In the accompanying interview, Bo Hyun talked about how he reacted to his sudden rise in popularity, his new K-drama, etc.

Since starring in “Itaewon Class,” Ahn Bo Hyun has kept himself busy, landing a role in the upcoming MBC drama named “Kairos” as well as filming numerous commercials.

Itaewon class star Ahn Bo Hyun participated in a photo shoot with W Korea

When the reporter asked if he can tell that he has gotten more popular lately, Ahn Bo Hyun responded, “It was interesting that one or two people recognized me when I was working out with my mask on, but other than that, I didn’t experience anything.”

He added that he get surprised when my number of Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers increases.

Ahn Bo Hyun 1

Ahn Bo Hyun mentioned that fame hasn’t seemed to change him. He explained, “I hear people say to me, ‘This guy is the same even when I see him after months have passed.’ But I do think that people should change as time goes on.” He doesn’t know what he need to do to change himself.

He also responded to a time on “Ask Us Anything” when he talked about working part-time jobs at construction sites even after his role in the drama “Descendants of the Sun.” He said, “I wasn’t working because I didn’t have money. I need to exercise on days that I don’t film anyway, so I thought that working would be my exercise.”

Itaewon class star Ahn Bo Hyun participated in a photo shoot with W Korea 3

Ahn Bo Hyun then discussed his upcoming MBC K-drama “Kairos.” He said, “During the time ‘Itaewon Class’ ended, I was contacted multiple times, saying that they wanted to have a meeting with me, and I was given scripts. One of them was ‘Kairos.’ Someone said that I shouldn’t play multiple villain roles in a row, and someone else advised me that I should do a melodrama.”

He continued, “I didn’t really keep that in mind because I felt like I was never an actor to pick and choose projects. I decided to take on ‘Kairos’ because I wanted to work with someone who wants me.” He also credited the drama’s fun synopsis and a good meeting with the director for his decision to join “Kairos.”

Ahn Bo Hyun 2

Ahn Bo Hyun also talked about the kinds of roles he has tried. “Until now, I’ve played roles that I knew I could do well,” he said. “There are a lot of tall actors. I exercised to make my body stronger and to perform action scenes without a body double in order for me to stand out among the actors. I took up boxing when I was in school, so I mainly portrayed athletes or played roles that have action scenes.

Ahn Bo Hyun 3

The interviewer asked Ahn Bo Hyun, who has earned a gold medal at a national competition for boxing, whether he would have become a world-class athlete if he had continued the sport. Ahn Bo Hyun answered, “I definitely do not think so. Boxing is a really hard sport. At that time, I took up boxing because I got benefits from a high school for physical education.”

He explained, “I got to live in a dorm and even earn money from winning competitions, so I got to lessen the burden for my family.”

Itaewon class star Ahn Bo Hyun participated in a photo shoot with W Korea 5

Finally, Ahn Bo Hyun shared his hopes as an actor that he want to work for a long time.

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